YouTube Vanced Apk: Watch YouTube Without Ads on Android Free

YouTube Vanced Apk: Watch YouTube Without Ads on Android Free.

Have you ever think about YouTube without ads for free on Android devices? How would you feel if you could watch YouTube in the background while surfing another app on your mobile phone?

YouTube++, YouTube++ APk. YouTube++ APK AndroidYouTube Vanced Apk: Watch YouTube Without Ads on Android Free

Yes, it is possible to watch YouTube without ads on Android for free using YouTube vanced app. YouTube vanced app features not only ad-free videos but many other fantastic features as well.

What is YouTube Vanced Apk?

YouTube vanced app is a modified version of traditional YouTube which helps you to watch YouTube ads without ads. So these modified apps are called as (Ad)vanced App.

YouTube Vanced Apps are not available in the Google Play Store as it is a modified version of YouTube. However, you can download it as an APK file to install into your Android Phone. But you have to make sure that you download the Vanced YouTube App from reliable sources like LatestSets.

All the YouTube Mod APK has the same features, including Ad-free videos, Black or Dark Themes, Screen Minimized Option, etc. However, there is a slight difference in the app for non-rooted devices. Download YouTube Vanced Apk to take YouTube video streaming experience to the next level.

YouTube Red, premium service by YouTube, is available in the USA which offers unlimited ad-free videos at a subscription price of 11.99 USD per month. This service is exclusively for USA customers and not available in other countries.

However, you can enjoy YouTube Red with a good VPN connection if you are ready to pay the subscription fee.

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Is YouTube Vanced APK Safe?

As I said earlier, YouTube vanced APK is not official! “Master T” develops it, a contributor to XDA Developers and this modified version of YouTube also known as iYTBP(Injected YouTube Background Playback) initially.

Later he discontinued the project, but fortunately, three other developers took over the project and renamed it as “Vanced.” Now they are regularly releasing updates with new features and fixes.

As it is a modified version of traditional YouTube, no one can guarantee the safety of this app.  I suggest you do not use your primary Google Account to use with any YouTube Vanced Apk. Instead, you can create a separate email account for YouTube Vanced App.

YouTube Vanced APK Features

YouTube Vanced APK has many features that the official YouTube does not have. Let us have a look at some great features of YouTube Vanced APK for Android.

1. Ad-free videos:

YouTube offers ads-free videos for its premium users only at a monthly subscription fee in the USA. If you stay outside the USA, you can not access it unless you are on a VPN connection.

With YouTube Vanced APK, you can enjoy unlimited ad-free YouTube videos for free.

Do YouTube videos without ads make money? No. YouTube gets most of its revenue from ads only. So you can not expect ad-free videos on YouTube for free in official YouTube app.

2. Work With Official YouTube App.

You can download YouTube Mod App along with the traditional YouTube App. You do not need to uninstall or disable the regular YouTube app to use YouTube Vanced App.

Due to security reasons, YouTube Vanced App does not support the in-app purchase. The app crashes if you try to make a purchase using YouTube Mod APK.

However, it does not cause you any inconvenience as you already have official YouTube App installed on your mobile phone. Always use the official YouTube app to make a purchase.

3. Play Videos in the Background

YouTube is a video streaming app. People mostly use YouTube to watch videos. So it does not support videos playing in the background.

But with YouTube Vanced App, you can enjoy YouTube in the background as audio. We do not need to see the video while enjoying some shows like speech or music.

How to Play YouTube in Background?

Here let us discuss how to play YouTube in Background. Follow the steps to enable YouTube Background.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Locate and Tap on Background And Download
  3. Now tap on Playback.
  4. A menu will pop and select your choice from the menu.
  5. Done.

4. YouTube Vanced App Supports Multitasking

While playing videos on YouTube Vanced App, you can use other apps as it supports background playback. This feature is not available in the official YouTube App.

But to activate this feature, you have to enable YouTube video playback in the background. Follow the same steps as I mentioned above to allow YouTube Video Playback in the background.

5. YouTube Mod APK Supports Incognito Mode

As Web Browsers Supports incognito mode or private browsing, YouTube Mod Apk also supports private video browsing. Now protect your privacy while using the YouTube App. Do not let others peek into your privacy by watching sensitive contents in incognito mode.

This feature was first introduced in YouTube Vanced app before it released in YouTube Official App.

6. Turn on Dark Mode in YouTube Mod APK.

The dark mode in YouTube is yet to release in YouTube official App. Most awaited dark mode is now available in latest YouTube Vanced APK.

Dark mode helps you to protect your eyes when you watch videos at night. In addition to that, it also decreases mobile phone battery drainage.

You can turn on YouTube Dark Mode in the settings.

Download YouTube Vanced APK for Android Free

Here I will explain to you how to download YouTube Vanced APK for Android to watch YouTube without ads. You also need to download the latest MicroG APK to sign in to YouTube vanced apps. i.e., without YouTube vanced app, you can not log in to YouTube Modified App.

YouTube Vanced APK Download Page

If you do not want to do sign in to YouTube, then you do not need to download this app. But without sign in, you can not save the videos to watch later.

Once you downloaded YouTube vanced APK, download MicroG app from the below link.

Download MicroG

To successfully install YouTube Mod APK, you have to enable “Unknown App Installation” in the settings. Here are the steps to allow this.

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Search and Find Security and Tap on it.
  3. Allow “Unknown Source App Installation” in the Settings.
  4. Now download the APK file and install it.

The location of these settings may vary with devices. So you have to search in the settings to find this option.

Best YouTube Vanced APK for Android

As I said earlier, multiple YouTube Mod Apps are available for download. Most of these apps have the same features such as ad-free YouTube Videos, dark or black screen, etc.

YouTube Vanced App is available for download for both rooted and non-rooted Android devices. In this article, I will discuss some best YouTube Mods App for non-rooted Android devices.

1. YouTube++ APK Download For Android

YouTube++ APK is one of the best YouTube forked apps for Android to watch YouTube without any ads.

Features of YouTube++ APK for Android

  • Enjoy Ads-free videos for free.
  • Play videos in the background.

Download YouTube++ APK For Android[Non-Rooted]

2. YouTube Red APK For Android

YouTube Red is another popular modified version of YouTube App.

Features of YouTube Red APK

  • There is no need to root your device to install this App. Initially, it was needed to root for the same. But now, no such rooting is required.
  • There is an option for you to use either the official YouTube or this version as you can install this app along with traditional YouTube App.
  • It will remove all ads from your video and stream your video seamlessly even without “Skip” ads.
  • You can disable the Background play according to your wish and also enable it whenever you need. There are settings for the enabling and disabling on the App. This feature is still not available in the official YouTube App.
  • It saves data consumption. You can play videos in areas where the network is weak.
  • You can easily enable and disable the pop cards info on the video playback.
  • Choose the quality of your video yourself.
  • With the YouTube Red Modified App, you can convert YouTube into an advanced music player app.
  • No Geo Restriction issue on YouTube Red App like official YouTube Red. Enjoy content contents from different countries without a VPN connection.
  • Browse Videos in incognito mode.

YouTube Red Download Link 1

Download YouTube Red APK

Alternatively, you can download the YouTube Red Modded App from the Aptoide App store as well. But you need to install Aptoide App Store first. Then type YouTube Red on the search bar to download the Youtube Red App.

YouTube Red Download Link 2

Download YouTube Red APK from Aptoide App Store.

Even though this app has multiple features, this app does not allow you to sign in even with MicoG App.

Download YouTube Red On PC

You can not block the ads on YouTube Web even with an Ad-Blocker. But you can install YouTube Red APK into a PC with the help of on an Android Emulator like Bluestacks.

Step-1.Firstly, you have to install a simple tool over your Mac or Windows. It is the Bluestacks Android Emulator tool. After installing this tool from here, you can proceed to the next steps.


Now, download YouTube Red APK file from the link which is given above into your PC or Laptop. Also, you can download the app from here.


After that, Right-click over the YouTube Red APK file that you have just downloaded. You will see a list of options opening up. Select ‘Open With’ from that drop-down list. Else, you can tap on the three dots just above Google Play Store icon and upload YouTube Red APK file into your PC using the emulator.


Now, you can see a list of Application suggestions for you. Select the Bluestacks Android Emulator, which you had downloaded previously.


If you are new to this BlueStacks Emulator app, then you have to create your account to log in. You can use your Google account for this purpose to avoid fulfilling all credentials over again.


Once it is done, you will see installing notification over your PC. That means, your YouTube Red APK file is installing. Wait patiently till it is successfully installed.


When the successful installation is over, you can see a shortcut for YouTube Red APK is created over your Bluestacks Emulator. Click on the icon and enjoy its best features

Drawbacks of YouTube Red App

Here let us discuss the drawbacks of the YouTube Red Mod App. As it is a modified version of YouTube, it is not official. This article is for educational purposes only, and you should download and use the app at your own risk.

Main drawbacks as follows,

  • Can not log in to YouTube Mod App without MicroG App.
  • YouTube Vanced App may not be as safe as YouTube or Google do not develop it.
  • The download option will not work without login.

3. YouTube Black APK For Android

YouTube Black Apk is one of the best YouTube Vanced App for non-rooted Android devices. Developers developed YouTube (Ad)vanced app by injecting some codes into the official YouTube App. Because of this reason, developers claim that YouTube Black APK is safe to use.


Features of YouTube Black APK

If you watch videos on official YouTube, you can not watch videos without ads. Also, there is no option to play videos in the background.

YouTube Blue Apk has all the key features that the official YouTube has. In addition to that, YouTube Blue App has many features that you can not expect in traditional YouTube App.

Design and UI

The YouTube Black App’s design and UI exactly look like the conventional YouTube App to ensure maximum user experience. The developers of this app beautifully developed YouTube Black App in such a way that the users feel that they are watching the official YouTube App only.

Ad-Free Experience

The YouTube Black APK comes with a built-in ads-free feature. As on the traditional YouTube App, you will not be disturbed by the irritating ads. For Ad-free user experience in official YouTube App, you have to subscribe to YouTube Red which costs $11.99 per month. To Subscribe YouTube Red, you have to pay 11.99 dollars per month. Also, YouTube Red service is not available in countries like India.

No Rooting Required

You do not need the root access for YouTube Black APK Download like other apps. So everybody can download and install YouTube Black on their smartphone. Also, YouTube Vanced App for Rooted devices also available for download.

Play Videos On Back Ground

YouTube Black App allows you to play videos in the background. So that you can use YouTube Black as a music player as well. It is a premium feature of YouTube and not available in traditional YouTube.

This feature in YouTube Black allows you to do multitasking. i.e., at a time, you can access other apps while enjoying YouTube.  That is, you can do other tasks while enjoying videos in the background. At any time in the settings, you can disable this feature.

This feature is available at


YouTube Vanced app offers two options for Video Playback. One is video playback “Always on” and another one is Video Background Playback when connected to a headphone or speaker.

YouTube Dark Mode

YouTube Dark Vanced App comes with the dark mode, which is still not available in official YouTube.  You can enable YouTube Dark mode at the settings.

To access this, Go to Settings=>General Settings=> Enable Dark Theme.

Dark theme is handy for those who enjoy YouTube at night as it does not hurt your eyes. Prolonged use of smartphone or YouTube may cause a headache in many people. If you enable dark mode while enjoying YouTube videos may also help to decrease the risk of smartphone associated headache.

In addition to that, enabling dark mode on any app helps you to decrease battery drain on smartphones.

Download YouTube Video

With YouTube Vanced app, you can download videos with different quality. But you have to sign in to the app to download videos. To sign in and download videos on YouTube Black, you have to download an additional app called MicroG.

I will add a safe link to download MicroG app along with YouTube Black Apk Download link.

How To Download YouTube Videos Using YouTube Black?

  • As I said sign into YouTube Black App using a Gmail ID and Password.
  • After that tap on the three dots which you see along with a YouTube Video.
  • As you tap, you will get the option to download that video.
  • Now choose the quality of the video which you want to download.

7. Run along with Original App

YouTube Vanced App runs with YouTube official App. i.e., you do not need to uninstall or disable YouTube official app to install YouTube Vanced app or any other YouTube Mods.

8. Download Videos Directly to SD Card

Download videos directly to your external SD Card to save phone storage. You can enable this feature at the settings.

   Settings=> Background & Downloads=> Find SD Card and enable it.

These are the most popular YouTube Vanced App for Android that people use to enjoy free videos.

With the help of an Android Emulator, you can install any of these apps on your Laptop or PC for Ad-free video experience.

For example, I will explain to you how to install YouTube Red on PC. With this method, you can install any APK file into PC.

We hope our article made it clear for all the details linked with YouTube Red APK. If you are willing to get it installed, then follow this article and the steps mentioned here to get it done very quickly. Now enjoy great features with one tap.

Note: This article is for educational purposes only. LatestSets or none of its partners are owned or affiliated to YouTube Mod APK. This Website is compliant with DMCA( Digital Millennium Copyright Act). If you found any of your copyrighted articles being published on this site, please contact us to take the article down.

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