YouTube Mod | YouTube Black Apk Download For Android(Non-Root)


YouTube is one of the most popular videos streaming app, and millions of people search on YouTube for knowledge and entertainment. Have you ever think about watching YouTube Videos without any ads for free? Then you should download a YouTube Mod apk for Android. YouTube Black Apk is one of the best YouTube Vanced App for non-rooted Android devices. Today let us discuss YouTube Black APK Download and its features.YouTube Black APK Download

    What is a YouTube Mod or YouTube Vanced App?

YouTube Mod is a modified version of YouTube developed by XDA. There is multiple YouTube Vanced app available for download. However, all these apps have same features only.

They have developed YouTube (Ad)vanced app by injecting some codes into official YouTube App. Because of this reason, developers claim that YouTube Black APK is safe to use.

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Because of security reason, you can not purchase videos using YouTube Black App. If you tap on any such link, it will show you an error message.

As you already have the official YouTube app installed on your device, always use traditional YouTube for such a transaction.

As it is a moded version of YouTube, like Whatsapp Mods and YouTube++, YouTube Black Apk is neither available in Google Play Store nor iOS store.

    YouTube Black Apk Download For Android(Non-Root)

As I said earlier, none of the app mods including YouTube Black APK is available in Google Play Store for download. Here let us discuss YouTube Black Apk Download for Android and its features.

In this guide, I have also included how to install YouTube Black Apk into your PC or Laptop with the help of an Android Emulator.

In this guide, I will provide you the direct link to download YouTube Black APK for free. This article is for educational purpose only, and LatestSet or its associated does not own or affiliate to any of these apps in any form.

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Before we go ahead with YouTube Black APK, let us discuss the features.

     Features of YouTube Black APK

If you watch videos on official YouTube, you can not watch videos without ads. Also, there is no option to play videos in the background.

YouTube Blue Apk have all the key features that the official YouTube has. In addition to that, YouTube Blue App has many features that you can not expect in traditional YouTube App.

     1. Design and UI

YouTube Black APKThe YouTube Blue App’s design and UI exactly look like the traditional YouTube App to ensure maximum user experience. The developers of this app beautifully developed YouTube Black App in such a way that the users feel that they are watching the official YouTube App only.

     2. Ad-Free Experience[/h}

The YouTube Black APK comes with a built-in ads-free feature. As on traditional YouTube App, you will not be disturbed by the irritating ads. For Ad- free user experience in official YouTube App, you have to subscribe to YouTube Red which costs $11.99 per month.YouTube Premium To Subscribe YouTube Red, you have to pay 11.99 Dollars per month. Also, YouTube Red service is not available in countries like India.


3. No Rooting Required

You do not need the root access for YouTube Black APK Download like other apps. So everybody can download and install YouTube Black on their smartphone.

Also, YouTube Vanced App for Rooted devices also available for download.

     4. Play Videos On Back Ground

YouTube Background PlayYouTube Black App allows you to play videos in the background. So that you can use YouTube Black as a music player as well. It is a premium feature of YouTube and not available in traditional YouTube.

This feature in YouTube Black allows you to do multi-tasking. i.e., at a time you can access other apps while enjoying YouTube.  That is, you can do other tasks while enjoying videos in the background. At any time in the settings, you can disable this feature.

This feature is available at


YouTube Vanced app offers two options for Video Play Back. One is video playback “Always on” and another one is Video Background Play Back when connected to a headphone or speaker.

     5. YouTube Dark Mode

YouTube Black Themes

YouTube Dark Vanced App comes with the dark mode which is still not available in official YouTube.  You can enable YouTube Dark mode at the settings.

To access this, Go to Settings=>General Settings=> Enable Dark Theme.

Dark theme is very useful those who enjoy YouTube at night as it does not hurt your eyes. Prolonged use of smartphone or YouTube may cause a headache in many people. If you enable dark mode while enjoying YouTube videos may also help to decrease the risk of smartphone associated headache.

In addition to that, enabling dark mode on any app help you to decrease battery drain on smartphones.

     6. Download YouTube Video

With YouTube Vanced app, you can download videos with different quality. But you have to sign in to the app to download videos. To sign in and download videos on YouTube Black, you have to download an additional app called MicroG.

I will add a safe link to download MicroG app along with YouTube Black Apk Download link.

How To Download YouTube Videos Using YouTube Black?

  1. As I said sign into YouTube Black App using a Gmail ID and Password.
  2. After that tap on the three dots which you see along with a YouTube Video.
  3. As you tap, you will get the option to download that video.
  4. Now choose the quality of the video which you want to download.
    Download YouTube Videos

     7. Run along with Original App

YouTube Vanced App runs with YouTube official App. i.e., you do not need to uninstall or disable YouTube official app to install YouTube Vanced app or any other YouTube Mods.

     8. Download Videos Directly to SD Card

Download videos directly to your external SD Card to save phone storage. You can enable this feature at the settings.

      Settings=> Background & Downloads=> Find SD Card and enable it.

    Download YouTube Black APK or YouTube Vanced App

There are many YouTube Vanced app available for Android Platform. Most of the apps have the same features only except in rooted devices as they got some changes.

Here is the safe and secure direct link to download YouTube Black Apk and MicroG App for non-rooted devices.



     How to Install YouTube Blue APK in Android Smartphone

After downloading YouTube Black APK, you have to enable unknown app installation in the settings to install it into your smartphone.

To enable this Go to Settings=> Security=> Unknown App Installtion=>Turn it on.

After turning it on in the settings, locate YouTube APK and tap on it. It will automatically install into the device within few seconds.

As said earlier, you also need to download and install MicroG APK to log in or download videos.

If you face any issues with Whatsapp Black App, you can try to fix the problem by clearing the cache of the app. You can clear the app cache at the settings.

Settings=> App Management=> Locate and tap YouTube Vanced App=> Tap on ” Clear Cache

Alternatively, you can try another version of YouTube Vanced App depending up on your device.

I think you really like this app because of its fantastic features that the traditional YouTube does not have. In case you need any further assistance, please feel free to comment below.