Whatsapp Plus The Latest Version Download For Android 2019

Whatsapp Plus the latest version apk download: Whatsapp is the most popular instant messaging app available today. The growth of Whatsapp was faster than any of its counterparts like Messenger, Viber, Line, etc. The social media giant Facebook identified its potential and acquired Whatsapp in Feb 2014 in $19.3 Billion deal.

Whatsapp Plus The Latest Version Download For Android 2019

Due to its popularity many Whatsapp Mods created by developers outside WhatsApp. GBWhatsapp, Fouad WhatsApp, FMWhatsapp and WhatsApp Plus Apk are popular Whatsapp mod, and all of it come with more features than the real Whatsapp has. Today let us discuss Whatsapp Plus the Latest Version Download and Whatsapp apk features. Also, Whatsapp Plus to download from the reliable source only to avoid any security threats.
Whatsapp Plus is the forked version of WhatsApp developed by Ralfance. The Whatsapp Plus the latest version has all the features that the official WhatsApp has. In this article, I will explain you in detail on Whatsapp Plus apk latest version features and also the safe and secure download link for Whatsapp Plus the Latest Version Download.

Whatsapp Plus The Latest Version Download

As it is a moded version of Whatsapp, Whatsapp Plus is also not available in the Google Play Store like other Whatsapp mods. So Whatsapp plus to download as an apk file to install into the smartphone.
As every apk files on the internet are not safe to download, at Latestsets, we scan each apk file to check the vulnerability before we recommend it to our readers. The Whatsapp Plus, the Latest Version, also examined using the Kaspersky Online Scan tool and found that the file is safe to download.

So make sure that the Whatsapp Plus to download from safer sites such as Latestsets only.


Features of Whatsapp Plus The Latest Version Apk Features

In WhatsApp plus apk latest version, the developers are filled with a lot of features that the official Whatsapp does not have. Most of these features you can not expect in official Whatsapp near future. So the popularity of Whatsapp mod increases day by day.

All Whatsapp Mods come with dual settings. One is Whatsapp Plus Settings and latter is Whatsapp Standard settings like official Whatsapp where you can find all the settings of official Whatsapp.
Here let us see some important features of Whatsapp Plus Apk for Android.

1. Whatsapp Plus Allows Launcher Icon Customization.

In Whatsapp Plus Apk, the customisation starts from Whatsapp icon itself. More than 32 launcher icon colour options are available as of now. Do not hesitate to surprise your friends every day by changing the Whatsapp icon. You can access this option at the Plus Settings.

  • Tap on Plus Settings.
  • Find “Other Mods.”
  • Tap on Launcher Icon and Choose an icon colour from the menu.

2. No Forward Label

You can forward any messages without a “Forward” label on Whatsapp Plus and also increased the Forward message limit for Indian users in Whatsapp Plus the latest version apk. Original Whatsapp introduced this feature to identify forward messages quickly as instructed by the Indian Law.

3. One Tap DND Mode Added

One tap DND mode added to latest Whatsapp Plus Apk. If you enable DNS mode, you will go offline, and you can not send or receive any message. It is beneficial for people those who do not want to use Whatsapp when they are busy.

4. Anti-Message delete Mode Added

If you enable this feature, the sender of a message can not delete the message for you. So you can still see a message even after the sender deletes that particular message.

5. Dark Mode For Settings

Dark mode for settings is available in WhatsApp Plus Apk Latest Version. The dark mode is expected to release this year for official Whatsapp.

Whatsapp Dark Mode can enable at the settings.

  • Plus Settings.
  • Other MODS.
  • Find “Dark Theme  For Settings” and tap to enable it.

6. Be Online Forever

You can set to be online forever with the help of Whatsapp Plus Apk. Always Online Option can be found in the Plus Settings.

7. Schedule a Message in WhatsApp Plus Apk Latest Version

Schedule a message for your friend easily with Whatsapp Plus App. Make your boyfriend or girlfriend always happy by sending them messages on time using this feature. Follow the steps below to schedule a massage at the settings.

  • Tap on the three dots.
  • Find Message Scheduler and Tap on it.
  • A new window opens before you with a plus sign.
  • Tap on the “+” sign and choose the contact you want to schedule a message.
  • As you tap on the contact, you will get the options to type and schedule a message.
  • Tap on “Schedule” icon after typing the message along with scheduled date and time.


8. Auto Replay Feature of WhatsApp Plus Apk

If you download Whatsapp Plus Apk the latest version, you can set auto-messages at the settings. This feature is handy to respond to your friends and family when you are away from Whatsapp.
You can find Auto Replay option at the settings, and it is very easy to schedule a message at Whatsapp Plus the latest version app. You can use this option to respond to group chat as well.

9. Frequent Update

Like any other app, Whatsapp Plus App also release updated frequently with new features. Whatsapp plus to download today to get latest features. Keep visiting this page will help you to get the latest version of Whatsapp Plus.
Also, you can search for Whatsapp Plus the latest update in the app itself. To look for an update, please follow the steps below.

  • Plus Settings
  • Updates.
  • Tap on ” Check For Updates.” If an update is available, then you will be redirected to Whatsapp Plus official Site.

10. Customise Your App Using Themes:

With the help of more than 1000+ themes, you can customise the Whatsapp Plus app. Theme store is available at the Plus Settings. You can keep on changing any themes as per your taste.
If you are a developer, then you can send the themes you own to the developer to add it to the Whatsapp Plus theme store.

11. Media Sharing Features of Whatsapp Plus Apk.

The sharing features of Whatsapp is a blessing for the people those who share more videos and images. Real Whatsapp has many restrictions on sharing media messages to friends and family. But in Whatsapp Plus you get more such features.

  • You can share videos files with a size of 50MB instead of 12 MB in real Whatsapp.
  • Also allows video share limit up to 7 minutes instead of 30 seconds in official Whatsapp.
  • Share HD Quality images to your friends and family with original height and width.
  • Download and share high-quality Whatsapp status using Whatsapp Plus the latest version Apk.
  • Upload audio size up to 100MB.

12. Whatsapp Plus Privacy Features

Whatsapp Plus Apk Latest Version come with a lot of Privacy Features as well. Here let us discuss some important privacy features of Whatsapp Plus the latest version apk. You can access WhatsApp Plus Privacy features by tapping on the three dots on the right upper corner of the Whatsapp Plus icon. The Whatsapp Plus Privacy features include,

  • Hide your online status even if you are online.
  • You can hide Blue Tick to the message sender even after reading a message for both individual and group chats.
  • Hide Typing or recording status.
  • Hide Status View Status: Your friends cannot see that you have seen their status even after viewing their status.

How to Install WhatsApp Plus Apk Without Losing the Chat

So you have downloaded the Whatsapp Plus the Latest version Apk from the above link. Now how to switch from official Whatsapp to Whatsapp Plus without losing the chat.

To successfully install Whatsapp Plus without losing chat, you have to back up the chats before uninstalling it from the device. Follow the below steps to back up chats in official Whatsapp.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Chats.
  • Chat Back up.
  • Tap on backup.

Tap on the “Backup” to back up all your chats and wait until it reaches 100%. Uninstall the official Whatsapp after successful completion of data back up. Whatsapp Plus to download to install only after uninstalling official Whatsapp after a successful data back up.
If you want to use two different WhatsApp on the same device, then you have to install another favourite Whatsapp Mod called GBWhatsapp.

  1. To install WhatsApp Plus Apk Latest Version, you have to enable “Unknown Source App Installation” at the settings.
  2. Now tap on the apk file and confirm Whatsapp Plus installation by tapping on “Install.” Now you have successfully installed Whatsapp Plus Apk into your smartphone.
  3. After installing the App, open Whatsapp Plus Apk and verify your mobile number by SMS or Phone call.
  4. After verifying the mobile number, you will get the options to set up the profile name, and this name will be displayed to your friends if they do not save your mobile number on their device. Also, you will get an option to set up a profile pic for your Whatsapp Plus App.
  5.  During Whatsapp initial set up, you will get the option for chat restore. Just tap on the “Restore” to get all chats into newly installed Whatsapp Plus App.

Is Whatsapp Plus App is Safe?

None of the Whatsapp Mods is safe to use even if the developer’s claims so. Your messages may not be secure as Whatsapp Plus like forked apps uses a different server which may not be safe. Also, usage of any moded version of Whatsapp is against Whatsapp Policy, and they may ban your number permanently from WA usage.

Recently WhatsApp announces that it will temporarily ban users those who use WhatsApp Mods such as GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp plus because of safety risk. In case you get such a message please get a data back up and go back to official WhatsApp to avoid a permanent ban on your number.

In case of a Whatsapp Ban, most of the time it is impossible to lift the Whatsapp Ban. However, check my article on how to lift Whatsapp Ban in case you get banned from Whatsapp Usage.

Final Words

After a recent update, WhatsApp starts to ban the numbers of those who use WhatsApp Mods such as GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus. In case you got a temporary ban from WhatsApp, then please go back to Official WhatsApp after a data back up.

Whatsapp Plus comes with many features which the official Whatsapp does not have. It allows users to customise the app with different themes and launcher icon. In case you need any assistance please feel free to comment below.

Note: Users should download any forked version of the app with their own risk as this app may not be safe. Latestsets or any of its associates either own or associated or affiliated to any moded version of the app. You should download and use this app at your own risk.

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