WhatsApp Banned Your Number?Tips to Remove WhatsApp Ban in 2019


WhatsApp is one of the most popular Android App today. It had a considerable impact on social media and made a revolutionary change in chatting. We can not even think about a day without WhatsApp. So I can imagine, how shocking it is when you get a message saying that “your phone number is banned from using WhatsApp.” No worry. In this article, I will tell you how to unblock WhatsApp Banned number.

WhatsApp Banned Your Number? How to Get Unbanned From Whats App?

    Why WhatsApp Banned My Number

But before we go ahead with how to get unbanned from WhatsApp, let us discuss the reason for WhatsApp Banned a number. Do you remember the terms and conditions which you agreed on the day when you sign up for WhatsApp? Well, WhatsApp banned a number because you have violated their Terms of Services. For more clarification, you can referer WhatsApp Terms of Services.

In addition to that WhatsApp can ban your number because of the following reasons,

  1. People were reporting your number as spam.
  2. Joining too many Groups in a very short period.
  3. Sharing too many messages or links in a day.
  4. Sending Sexually abusive contents.
  5. Hatred speech.

So if you want to promote your business, you should not use the WhatsApp application. Instead, you can use the WhatsApp business application which you can download from Google Play Store itself.

WhatsApp Messenger
WhatsApp Messenger
Developer: WhatsApp Inc.
Price: Free
  • WhatsApp Messenger Screenshot
  • WhatsApp Messenger Screenshot
  • WhatsApp Messenger Screenshot

WhatsApp may block your number even without warning depending upon the WhatsApp Policy violation which you have committed.

If WhatsApp banned your number temporarily, then you do not need to do anything. WhatsApp will lift the ban in the next 24 or 72 hours by itself. After the temporary ban, do not do any WhatsApp policy violation because next time they may ban WhatsApp without any further warning or message. In that case, even email to WhatsApp support or WhatsApp cloned apps also does not work for you because of repeated policy violation. Also, do not send messages to unknown persons as they may report the number to WhatsApp.

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    What to Do if WhatsApp Banned Your Number?

You are here because you got a message saying that” Your phone number is banned from using WhatsApp. Contact support for help.” So how to get out of this? As the message says, the first thing that you have to do is to contact WhatsApp support Team for the solution. But before we go to get support, just uninstall the WhatsApp App from your device and reinstall after rebooting the smartphone.

WhatsApp Messenger
WhatsApp Messenger
Developer: WhatsApp Inc.
Price: Free
  • WhatsApp Messenger Screenshot
  • WhatsApp Messenger Screenshot
  • WhatsApp Messenger Screenshot

  1. Install the new WhatsApp and enter the mobile number for verification. Now you will get a message like this. See the image below.

Tips to unban WhatsApp

2. Now Click on ” Support.” A WhatsApp Contact Support window will open, and there you have to write the issues which you are facing along with your WhatsApp number.

Also, add the screenshot of the error which you are getting.

Also, add the screenshot of the error which you are getting while trying to login to WhatsApp.

3. Now you have to click on the “Next” icon. Where you will get a FAQs to solve the issue. Here you have to choose “This Does Not Answer My Problem.”

4. As soon as you choose this option, you will lead to your Gmail app on your device. You do not need to write anything as it is already filled by default.

5. Now just sent the mail and wait for a replay from the WhatsApp support team.

Even though WhatsApp says that it will take 72 hours for replay, you can expect the replay in five minutes to few days. It may also take more than 72 hours in some cases.

If you are not getting a replay for your mail regarding WhatsApp Banned mail, you have to go for WhatsApp Mods.

    Best WhatsApp Mods For Android

After getting WhatsApp Banned, the use of WhatsApp Mod is at your own risk because we do not know how safe it is. These are the most popular Anti-Ban WhatsApp apps for android. I think you will like WhatsApps Mods.

1. GB WhatsApp Plus: This is the most popular WhatsApp like app for Android device today. The developers say that it is safer to use. Unfortunately, GBWhatsApp is not available for iOS.  Let us believe them as we do not have any other choice as WhatsApp banned us permanently.

Download GBWhatsApp For Free

2. WhatsApp Plus: This is one of the best WhatsApp mod today. It has also come with many features which you may like more than Official WhatsApp.

Download WhatsApp Plus For Free

Both these apps come with great features. I think GBWhatsApp will be a great choice for you. I personally use and recommend this app in case if you are looking for a WhatsApp mod App. So you really do not worry about WhatsApp Banned status.

After WhatsApp ban a number, early people were trying to login to WhatsApp through another device using a VPN App for Android.

But it no more works for you now as WhatsApp can trace your number very easily. However, you can try this method too. But remember to uninstall WhatsApp from your old number.

You are really in trouble if you are unable to use any of these Anti-Ban WhatsApp apps. Then you do not have any tricks left to unblock that WhatsApp banned number. In this case, the only solution is to register for a new WhatsApp with another number. Also, remember not to repeat the mistake as you may get banned again even without warning.

As I said earlier, it always better to go through the terms of Usage of WhatsApp and obey their rules. If you want to use WhatsApp for any other purpose, it is always better to get a new connection and use that number you business promotional purpose. And also never spared any violence, hate speech or porn through WhatsApp or any other social media.