Why You Must Uninstall Facebook App From Android Today


How long should you spend on Facebook and other social media apps in a day? I am not asking about your entire social media usage. I am speaking about the time that you spend on Facebook App only. Is it possible for you to uninstall Facebook App from your Phone? If your answer is no, then go ahead with this article to understand why you should delete Facebook App from your smartphone.


Uninstall Facebook App From Android


Here I will tell you why you must uninstall Facebook app from your Smartphone today itself. By uninstalling or deleting Facebook app, I do not want you to delete your Facebook account permanently. Instead, just uninstall Facebook app from your smartphone and open Facebook in any of the web browsers in your Smartphone.


     Why You Frequently Check Facebook on Smartphone?


Facebook notifications are the main villain which take us back to Facebook App every time to know how many likes and comments you got for your beautiful picture with your boyfriend or Girlfriend. Just delete the Facebook App from the smartphone if you want to restrict your time on Facebook or other Social media sites.

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If you delete Facebook app from your smartphone, you will get some extra time to spend with your kids, family, and Friends.  And that moments will create some awesome moments in your life.


Fun With Family


It will also give you an opportunity to look around instead of looking down into the smartphone.

Look around, see the world through your eyes, not always through Facebook Feeds.

Instead of Facebook App, Download Google Fit App and start to do some Physical exercise to stay healthy for long.

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I uninstalled the Facebook app from my smartphone during a family trip to Goa. I knew that it would ruin the trip if I do not uninstall Facebook app from my smartphone.

During vacation, I checked Facebook update on my mobile browser two or three times a day. Even though I am Blogger and Digital Marketer, it was quite enough for me.

Even after the trip, I did not installed the Facebook app into my smartphone as I do not want to spend more time on Facebook and other Social media sites.

As a blogger, I did not feel that I need Facebook App to manage my readers and clients I have Facebook Messenger App and Facebook Page Manager App installed on my phone.


    Why You Must Uninstall Facebook App From Your Smartphone


In a study conducted by Pewinternet suggests that 74% of American Adults visit Facebook daily and in which 51% of people visit Facebook several times a day.

59% of people say that it is not hard to give up Facebook while 40% of people say that it is very hard to give up Facebook.

From this survey, it is clear that it is social media like Facebook consumes a lot of your time in a day.

In addition to that, the following are the additional benefits of Uninstalling Facebook from your Phone.


    1. You Can Restrict Your Time on Social Media


As I said earlier in this article,  Facebook notifications are the main reason which takes us back to Facebook.

By uninstalling Facebook, we can avoid Facebook notifications, and this will automatically decrease Facebook our usage. So delete Facebook App today from your smartphone!


    2. It Consumes A Lot of Storage From Your Smartphone


An app like Facebook consumes a lot of storage from your smartphone. If your smartphone does not have an SD card support, it will restrict you from installing other useful apps as there is less storage place.

In addition to that, it will also consume RAM of your smartphone. As the RAM decreases, your smartphone starts to hang. As a result, the apps stats to crash by showing a message “Unfortunately App Has Stopped.”

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delete-Facebook-app-If you face this issue, just delete Facebook app and use Facebook in any of the Browser in the mobile.

     3. Facebook Will Eat Up Your Data Plan

Facebook will eat up your data plan by working in the background both in Android and iOS. To make clear this point, I will show you battery usage of Facebook App in both Android and iOS.

Facebook Battery Usage on Android & iOS

In another survey, it has found that Facebook is the top 10 battery consuming app irrespective of Android or iOS. See the stats below.

     4. Facebook Can Do a Data Breach

While installing Facebook by knowingly or unknowingly, we give access to SMS, Contacts, Microphone or location. You can see this at,

  • Settings.
  • App Management.
  • Find Facebook App From the list and tap on it.
  • Now Tap on Permissions.

Why-to-Delete-Facebook-AppSee the image. Here I have given access to storage only. I recommend you revoke the access to camera or microphone soon after a live video or taking a photograph.

If you do not revoke the permission to camera or microphone, a single unknown tap may take you to a live video or audio streaming.

     Now What is the Solution?

Instead of installing Facebook App into your smartphone, access Facebook from your smartphone browser. As there is a considerable difference between user experience through Facebook App and Web Browser experience, you may face some inconvenience at the beginning.

Never give up! Continue to access Facebook through Web Browser.

There is Poll going on our Facebook Page regarding this. I request you to participate in this poll.


    How To Uninstall Facebook App From Android Phone

So you decided to delete Facebook App from your smartphone? Yes! Then how to remove Facebook App? Just press and hold on Facebook App for a few seconds until you see a cross mark on the right upper corner of the app. Now tap on the cross mark and confirm uninstall by tapping on “Yes.” This method does not work on every device.

On some other devices, you have to tap on Facebook App until a Remove or Uninstall icon appear on the upper part of the screen and drag the app to “Remove” button to uninstall Facebook App from the smartphone.

Alternatively, you can follow the steps below to uninstall Facebook App.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Find App Management and tap on it.
  3. Now search and find the Facebook app from the list and tap on it.
  4. Now tap on ” Uninstall” and confirm the uninstall request by pressing on “yes” on the pop-up menu.

    Final Words

In a nutshell, it is safer to access Facebook on your web browser on the mobile rather than installing the Facebook App. We have seen multiple reasons which to uninstall Facebook App from your smartphone.

What is your opinion on this? Please do not hesitate to share your thoughts as comments below.