Truecaller Number Search Online: Identify Unknown Callers

Truecaller Number Search Online: Identify Unknown Callers including Spammers in 2019

Everyone needs a caller ID app on their smartphone today because of increased spam and fraudulent calls. If we go through news headlines, every day we can see some incidents related to a mobile scam. A study conducted by Truecaller suggests that a telephone scam cheats one in every 10th American. The average loss per victim was more than $300.

Truecaller Number Search Online: Identify Unknown Callers


In every such incident, they got phone calls from unknown phone numbers claiming that they are from the Bank or any other financial institutions.
Truecaller App can identify unknown callers even if the number not saved on the smartphone. This helps you to identify unknown callers very quickly. In this article, I will explain to you how to do a Truecaller Number Search Online.

What is Truecaller and How does it work?

Truecaller is an online phone directory with millions of number in their database. You can do Truecaller Number Search Online by using Truecaller App or Truecaller Website for free.
How Truecaller Works? When you register with Truecaller App, the contacts on your mobile number automatically uploaded into Truecaller Server. Likewise, millions of names are being added to the Truecaller Database every day from all the mobile with Truecaller App.

Why do you Download Truecaller App?

Dialling a wrong number or sending an SMS to a wrong number can empty your bank account and mobile wallet. As the number of online transactions increases, the number of online scam and cheating also increases.

If you have Truecaller Dialer on your smartphone, you will never dial a wrong number as it will display the name as you type the number.

Recently a woman lost her money from her online wallet by calling on a wrong number by thinking that it is their customer support number. How is it possible? Well, I will tell you what happened!

She was doing mobile recharge using an online wallet. Unfortunately, the transaction failed, and money got deducted from the wallet.

As we all do, she did a Google search for the customer care number of the wallet service provider and dialled a name which she got from a fake website. She shared all the account details including OTP with that person.

Unfortunately, it was a fake, and she lost all the money from her online wallet by sharing account details including OTP.

I will tell you another incident that happened a few days back with me.  I was in a Taxi, and the drivers mobile suddenly starts to ring. He answered the call, but it was a Telemarketing call, and he disconnected the call as it was spam and unwanted call for him. But the traffic officer on duty there caught him, and he had to pay the penalty. Else, he should have stopped the car before attending the phone call.

With Truecaller Number Search online, we can recognise such spam calls, and we can stay away from such unnecessary phone calls.

Even if you activate DND ( Do not Disturb) services on your number, it will not block the spam callers. I have activated DND services on my number, but still, I am getting a lot of spam calls and messages every day. So it is essential to install Truecaller App on your device even if you have activated DND on your number.

Truecaller is not just a caller ID app! It comes with many other features like Call Blocking, Call Recording, etc. In addition to that, Truecaller also offers services such as UPI Transactions, Mobile Recharges, etc.

Truecaller Number Search Online Free

Truecaller Number search can be done in two ways by going to their website and also by downloading the Truecaller App into your mobile phone.

How to do Truecaller App Install on Android Device

Truecaller app can be installed into your mobile phone in two ways. Either it can be downloaded from Google Play Store or also can do Truecaller App install after downloading an apk file.

How to Install Truecaller APK into your Smartphone

As I said earlier, Truecaller App install can also be done using Truecaller APK file. Here are the steps to download and install Truecaller APK file into an Android Mobile Phone. To successfully install Truecaller Apk into your Android Mobile Phone, you must uninstall the previously installed version of Truecaller from your phone.

  1. Download Truecaller APK file for free.
  2. Go to the settings and enable ” Unknown App Installation.”
    install apk file
  3. Now Tap on the downloaded APK file for Truecaller App Install.
  4. After Truecaller App Install, you must set up an account with Truecaller App.

How to Do Truecaller Number Search?

There are two ways for Truecaller number search online. Firstly, install the Truecaller app on the smartphone and sign up into the app using the mobile number and email ID. Alternately, you can search an unknown number directly from their website as well.

1. Truecaller Number Search Using App

When you search a number on Truecaller App, it gives you more details of the caller rather than your search on Truecaller website.

  1. Install the app.
  2. Set up the account using Name, Mobile number, and email address. Alternately, you can sign in using your Gmail ID or Hotmail ID.
  3. Let the Truecaller App auto verify your number.
  4. Now Tap on the ” Name Search” box which you can see at the top of the app.
  5. Enter the number which you want to check.
    Truecaller Number Search on App
  6. This will show the name, location and also display the image of the caller if it is available on their database.

This is the steps to do Truecaller Name Search online for free. Remember to enter your correct name when you set up your profile on Truecaller. Entering the wrong name will show the name incorrectly to the recipient of your call.

If you Truecaller App installed on your mobile, it will automatically display the caller details at the moment you receive all call from an unknown number. It helps you to identify the caller even before attending a phone call.

As I said in the beginning, spam calls and unwanted calls are increasing day by day. But with Truecaller app you can report a spam caller as spam, and it will automatically update into Truecaller database.

As a result, other Truecaller users can see how many times this number has been reported by the users when they get a call from that number so that they can stay away from such spam callers.

For example, today afternoon, I got a call from a number and Truecaller give me following details within a second. See the attached image.

TRuecaller Spam Caller image

  1. The Name of the caller displayed.
  2. See here. Two thousand four hundred thirty-four members reported the number as spam.
  3. The caller was a politician.
  4. Name of the telecom company.
  5. Location of the caller.

Have you noticed that red colour in the background? The red colour in the background means that the number is spam!

What else you want to know about an unknown number? Sorry, no number is an unknown number if you have Truecaller app on your smartphone.

If you install the Truecaller Premium App, it can give you a lot more information about your caller. If you are a premium member, you can get the following information as well.

  1. You would get an instant notification if someone viewed your profile.
  2. Premium Members will also have access to Truecaller incognito mode, which helps you to view others profile without alerting them.
  3. Ads- Free Experience.
  4. Unique Premium Badge.
  5. Truecaller will automatically update and block spam numbers.

2. Truecaller Number Search Online Without App

You can also check the details of an unknown caller without Truecaller app installed on the mobile. Here I will explain to you how to search a number online without Truecaller App installed.

As I said, you do not need to have the Truecaller app installed on your mobile phone to search for an unknown phone number. To search a name on Truecaller Website, you must have an account with Truecaller App. You can use your Gmail Account or Hotmail ID to sign into the Truecaller.

Truecaller Number Search Without App

  1. Go to Truecaller website.
  2. Enter the Phone Number of the caller in the search box and tap on search.
  3. If you do not have Truecaller Account, it will ask you to create one to retrieve caller details from Truecaller Database.
  4. Once you created an account, Truecaller Web will give you all the details of the caller with the details such as the Name, Location, and even the image of the caller.

Truecaller Number Search Online Without App
In addition to that, to detect a number automatically as you get a call, you must have Truecaller App installed on your device. So download Truecaller App today to identify unknown callers real-time for free.

I think this article given you an idea about how to set up the Truecaller app on your Android mobile phone and also how to search a number on both Truecaller App and Web. Even though there are multiple Truecaller alternative app is available in the Play Store, Truecaller is the most downloaded app today.

Truecaller helps you to stay away from Spam, Telemarketing, and unwanted callers. We may be getting multiple such calls every day irrespective of time and situation. By installing this app, you can avoid these kinds of spam calls and even block such unwanted callers using this app.

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