Truecaller Number Search Online: Identify Unknown Callers


Truecaller is a fantastic app which helps you to identify unknown callers details such as the name, location, and even images of the caller. In this article, I will explain how to do Truecaller Number Search Online. If you install the Truecaller app in your device, you can identify unknown callers by Truecaller name search option.Truecaller Number Search Online: Identify Unknown Callers

    How Truecaller Online Number Search Works

Truecaller database contains millions of caller data and every day this data is increasing. So how Truecaller is expanding their database? Well, when we install Truecaller app into the device, it accesses the phone book on our smartphone and adds this data to their database. This is how we get the callers details during Truecaller online number search. Truecaller asks for our permission to access the phone book during the installation of the app.

     Benefits of Truecaller Name Search Online?

What are the benefits of Truecaller Number Search Online? Or What are the benefits of Truecaller App? I will tell you an incident that happened a few days back.  I was in a Taxi, and the drivers mobile suddenly starts to ring. He answered the call, but it was a Telemarketing call, and he disconnected the call as it was spam and unwanted call for him. But the traffic officer on duty there caught him, and he had to pay the penalty.

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With the help of Truecaller App, we can recognize such spam calls, and we can stay away from such phone calls.

     How to Do Truecaller Number Search?

There are two ways for Truecaller number search. Firstly, install the Truecaller app on the smartphone and sign up the app using the mobile number and email ID. Secondly, we can do Truecaller online search name using Truecaller using website online.

    1. Truecaller Number Search Using App

  1. Install the app
  2. Set up the account using Name, Mobile number and email address.
  3. Let the Truecaller App auto verify your number.
  4. Now Tap on the ” Name Search” box which you can see at the top of the app.
  5. Enter the number which you want to check.
  6. This will show the name, Location and also show the image of the caller if available.

This is the steps to do Truecaller Name Search online for free. Remember to enter your correct name when you set up your profile on Truecaller. Entering the wrong name will show the name incorrectly to the recipient of your call.

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     2. Truecaller Number Search Online Without App

You can also check the details of an unknown caller without Truecaller app installed in the mobile. Here I will explain to you how to search number online on Truecaller web.

  1. Go to Truecaller website.
  2. Enter the Phone Number of the caller in the search box and tap on search.Truecaller name search online 1
  3. This will also give you the details of the caller with all the details including the Name, Location and image of the caller.

I think this article given you an idea about how to set up Truecaller app on your mobile and also how to search a number on both Truecaller App and Web. Even though there are multiple Truecaller alternative app is available in the Play Store, Truecaller is the most downloaded app today.

Truecaller helps you to stay away from Spam, Telemarketing, Spam and unwanted callers. We may be getting multiple such calls every day irrespective of time and situation. By installing this app, you can avoid this kind of calls and even block such unwanted callers using this app.