Truecaller Name Change: How To Change Your Name In TrueCaller


TrueCaller is one of the best caller ID apps out there, and you can not find the latest smartphone without Truecaller app. And it is one of the most popular and best caller id app for android. The Truecaller notifies you with caller details and thus notifies if the caller is from a job consultancy, a fake credit card issuer, a scammer, real state agents, home loan providers, mutual funds agents, life insurance providers, or a fraudster easily.  But, what if you don’t want to show your real name, or someone has flagged you with a name which is not yours? How to do TrueCaller Name change?

Truecaller Name Change: How To Change Your Name In TrueCaller

If you want to do this, you should first know, how flagging a number works. Then follow steps as provided in this article to quickly change your TrueCaller name!

Truecaller Name Change: A Quick Guide

Before we start with, let us have a quick look on what is Truecaller and also how Truecaller App works. You can download and install this app safely from Google Play Store into your latest smartphone. Read to know how to fix Google Play Store error.

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If we see at Communication, we find that it has developed tremendously in the past few years. It is hard to believe that just before the start of the 21st century, a phone was nowhere. And today, smartphones have made it easy to call anyone around the globe with just one click. With this huge development in smartphone technology, we saw the rise of great apps. One such app remains TrueCaller.

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The TrueCaller app is now the world’s largest mobile phone directory with over 1.6 billion phone numbers in it. Its mobile application is available on all platforms, and also provides Web Based management. The app decreases your chances of getting robbed unknowingly and also saves a lot of time from unwanted calls. You can also flag a call as relating to a profession or spam if it is bothering you.

How Truecaller Works?

Many countries like India, UK, UAE, etc. don’t have public data available to all.  TrueCaller, hence uses a Crowdsourced data system. This allows its working in countries where you can’t access public data. Wherever a person registers for Truecaller, his contact list is added to TrueCaller’s database. That’s why TrueCaller has such a vast directory where you can find nearly every phone number.

This system is for users, to users, for users. Seems like a Democratic management system! And due to this, TrueCaller App shows names nearly correctly for 1.6 billion phone number and also almost goes wrong in many. In countries like India where it is impossible to get public data, it is likely to go wrong. TrueCaller also has integrated social media in it and thus allows you to interact through your phone number.

Why the Wrong Name Appears In Truecaller App

We all get unwanted and unknown calls. TrueCaller helps us by monitoring those numbers by tracking them, showing their name, sometimes a very accurate location, and also allows flagging or renaming.

The feature is crucial as it allows any person who has talked to a spam number to flag it as spam. Thus saving many more people from that call. It also has blocking features, which works just fine. But nothing is perfect, and neither is TrueCaller. Multiple users have reported that TrueCaller shows the wrong name of them. This can be for various reasons. One of the reason is that a friend of yours has saved a certain name for you in his/her contact list. This name might appear on TrueCaller if you call anybody.

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Another reason is, someone has flagged you and renamed you on TrueCaller. There is also a chance that, the name being shown is the name of the previous owner of your mobile number, a case which arises frequently. While it seems that there are only these three reasons, some users have detected that it actually can be due to a TrueCaller bug. This doesn’t seem to be a big issue, but it is when the names are embarrassing or irrelevant to you, or if you are being shown as a fraud or spam person.

Ways to change the name on TrueCaller

TrueCaller name change can be quickly done. This can be done in two different ways.

  • First Method

This involves using a TrueCaller app which is available on all mobile platforms, be it Android, iOS, Windows Phone, or Blackberry. Follow the steps for TrueCaller Name change

  1. At first, download and install the TrueCaller app on your mobile phone.
  2. Verify your phone number by SMS verification. This will automatically create a profile linked with your phone number.
  3. After profile verification is complete, open the TrueCaller mobile app and then click on their horizontal lines on the top left corner. This is ‘App Menu.’
  4. In the App menu tab, click on ‘Edit Profile.’
  5. Now, just parallel to your name, you will find ‘Edit’ ( a pencil icon). Click on it.
  6. Enter your desired first name and Last name, as you want for your mobile number in TrueCaller.
  7. Save changes, and your TrueCaller Name change has been done.
  • Second Method

The second method involves the web interface of TrueCaller. TrueCaller has a feature called “TrueCaller Name Suggestion.” This feature allows you to suggest a name to any particular number. For TrueCaller Name change through name suggestion, follow these steps –

  1. On a web browser, open
  2. You will be required to sign in. Use your Email for sign on purpose.
  3. After sign in, on the truecaller web page, you will find a box which says ‘Look up a phone number.’
  4. Choose your country code in that box, and enter your desired number.
  5. TrueCaller will now display every detail; it has on that number, name included.
  6. On the number’s profile, click on ‘Suggest Name.’
  7. Enter your desired name and select if the number is of a ‘Person’ or a ‘Business.’
  8. Click on ‘Suggest Name,’ and you are done!


TrueCaller will then review the name as suggested by you. If the suggestion is valid by TrueCaller’s database, the name is likely to get changed.

Why change TrueCaller Name?

So, why you might want to change TrueCaller name? Why Is TrueCaller name change important?

  • Saves you from getting identified that you are using TrueCaller app.
  • Helps you get your real name for your phone number.
  • Assists you in removing any unwanted tags like spam, etc. from your phone number.

TrueCaller is the one app, which you are going to love if you have ever used or are going to. It saves a lot of time. Given that you can change your TrueCaller name, it adds extra security and makes the app more useful. Follow the article, and you can quickly do TrueCaller Name change. Go for it!