Top 7 Helpful Mobile Phone Safety Tips That You Should Know


Do mobile phones have the capacity to cause health problems? Is there any mobile phone safety tips to use your mobile phones safely?  A study by the U.S National Toxicology program showed that phone radiation led to an increased risk of malignant gliomas in the brain and a form of tumor in the nerve sheath of male rats.

Top 7 Helpful Mobile Phone Safety Tips That You Should Know

Although no study has linked radiation from mobile phones to any life-threatening health conditions in humans yet, people fear that the effects may become noticeable after prolonged exposure.

Since Mobile phones began getting widespread use only in the late 90s, nobody knows for sure how long it would take before anyone could connect the dots from an ailment to mobile phone radiation exposure. But that is not the only safety issue when it comes to mobile; there is texting while driving or operating heavy equipment, exposing sensitive information online that may lead to violence or crime and so on.

With the era of the Smartphone, high-speed mobile services, popular apps, and responsive Website Design, the mobile device has become a reliable means of browsing the internet. This makes people rely heavily on mobile devices to connect to the internet.  Safety is a responsibility of everyone because what we do affect other people around us.

    Top 7 Helpful Mobile Phone Safety Tips That You Should Know

Mobile phone safety is a serious issue but not to worry, this article will provide Helpful mobile phones safely tips. Here they are;

  1. Lift Your Eyes

It is probably a beautiful day today in your city have you noticed? It is difficult to lift your head from your mobile phones because there is just a lot to do with it and you have come to rely on it for work and entertainment.  However, know when to drop the phone. This could be to nurture a relationship with a family member or a friend, to handle emergencies, when engaging in activities that require your keen attention such as driving, crossing the road, operating heavy machinery or talking to someone. That split second we want to quickly steal to read a text or type ‘BRB’ could be fatal. It’s important to lift your head once in a while and drop the phone. Your eyes could use the break.

  1. Keep A Safe Distance Between Your Body And The Mobile Phone

To reduce exposure to mobile radiation, it’s recommended you to keep a safe distance between the phone and your body (especially your brain). Try to practice the ‘dial n stretch’ which ensures a connection is established quicker. Use the speakerphone feature of your mobile device when making calls. An alternative is to make use of headphones to make and receive calls. When you are not using your mobile phone ensure you keep it far from you. Do not keep it close to you when you sleep.

Avoid using the phones when the battery is charging
to avoid electrical shocks and overheating. This is the golden smartphone charging tip that you should follow while you charge the smartphone.It was said an inch away from your body greatly reduces your exposure to mobile radiation. 

  1. Keep 911 Handy

Instead of causing harm to your mobile phone could save you. Keep the emergency number of your location on speed dial so you could easily make quick calls in emergencies. The mobile phone is an incredibly powerful tool in emergencies like fire, medical emergency, accidents, crime and so on.

It could also put people in danger, by attracting thieves. When moving into areas with high crime rates keep a good clench on your mobile. If a robber is armed and demands for your phone give it away immediately to avoid escalating the situation. Human life is worth more than a gazillion mobile phones. Even though I have written it as the third point, it is the most important mobile phones safely tips you should always remember.

  1. Avoid Poor Connections

Poor connections increase the mobile phone radiation as the device works harder to establish a connection. This increased exposure should be reduced by waiting until the connection is strong or find a different location to make the call. A similar principle applies to the phone usage in a speeding vehicle, the mobile phone struggles to establish a connection, but the speed makes it difficult to achieve. This causes increased emitting of mobile radiation. When it is not necessary, avoid singing your mobile phone in areas with poor connection and moving vehicles.

  1. Use Protective Case and Anti-Radiation Chips

There are phone cases specifically designed to reduce radiation in mobile phones like the pouch. They reduce radiation while yet serving as a protective case against impacts. Regular phone cases do not provide any protection from radiation. So you need an advanced phone case

for complete safety.

You can also use mobile radiation safety chips to protect yourself from harmful radiations from the smartphones. Many radiation shielding cases and chips are available in the market which can protect you from harmful radiations. You can purchase Radiule Mobile Safty chips online from Amazon.

  1. Get A Landline

You may feel landlines are no longer sexy, but getting one could be very good for your home. It is worth getting a landline connection to reduce reliability on the mobile phone. When you are at home bulk of the calls may be done through the landline. It is important to turn off the mobile phone when it is not in use to prevent android system battery drain. The trend of relying heavily on mobile devices would not go soon, but your family members get the opportunity to take a break from mobile when they use the landline.

  1. Beware Of Sharing Sensitive Information

There is an expression “the internet does not forget.” Beware of sharing very sensitive information online especially on social media. This could pose a lot of safety issues such as violence and crime. Stolen mobile devices should be reported stolen immediately, and all access to accounts and apps should be blocked. This step should be done as fast as possible to avoid impersonation and unauthorized access to bank account details. Remember mobile phones are private and they should be borrowed out to other as this exposes personal information and the owner to security issues.

    Final Thoughts

Safety is the responsibility of all to all. What we do affect others around us too. Mobile safety should be a responsibility of us all to humanity. We may be enjoying the benefits of mobile technology, but we need to think about sustainability. If we do not take these measures to protect ourselves today, there won’t be much left to take to tomorrow. I think this Mobile Phone Safety Tips are useful for your day to day life.