Sony Dash Specifications By LatestSets


Sony Dash is not just a Digital Photo Frame. It is not just a photo frame, it can also serve as an alarm clock, internet viewer and also as an internet radio. Even though the device was introduced in April 2010, the device was usable only in the USA. However, with a software update in November 2011, the Sony resolved the country restriction. It was sold at a price tag of $199 dollar at that time.

 Sony Dash Specifications By LatestSets

Sony Disconnected service and support to Sony Dash device in April 2017. In the beginning, it had many restrictions. It did not have a battery and the device should be continuously connected to the mains. So it restricts you from taking this device to the office or somewhere else.  

But Sony introduced updated hardware version and introduced two models in September 2011 with a battery back up. But this version discontinued the streaming support like Netflix and YouTube to name few.

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Sony Dash Specifications By LatestSets

  1. Screen: It had a single touch touchscreen.
  2. Storage: There is no memory accessible for the users.
  3. OS: It was operating on a Chumby Software.
  4. Camera: Sony Dash does not have a Camera.
  5. Power: It does not have a battery back up.
  6. WiFi connectivity was there.

How Sony Dash Supports:

  1. It can serve as an alarm clock.
  2. Can be used as an advanced photo frame.
  3. It is a personal internet viewer. You can connect to the net and browse internet through WiFi.
  4. You can check your emails.
  5. Serves as a personal radio.

After Sony discontinue the support to Sony Dash, started to support Sony Dash by releasing a software patch in August 2017. This enables this device to connect to their servers. But it has no relevance in the new generation gadgets.

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