Social Fever App:The Best App to Limit Time on Social Media in 2019


How much time are you spending in Social Media and Smartphone? Do you get enough time to spend with your family and friends? Well, I am sure that the smartphones and social media a taking away most of your time in a day. Today, I am going to introduce you Social Fever App that tracks social media usage and also the total smartphone usage in a day. The Social Fever is one of the most popular Android app to limit time on social media and other apps.Social Fever App:The Best App to Limit Time on Social Media in 2018

As the name suggests, Social Fever App helps you to connect with the real world around you. Today most of the people even taking the smartphone to the bathroom. Smartphone addiction is a serious issue need to be addressed urgently to maintain good personal and professional life. This social media restriction app helps you reconnect to the society by helping you beat smartphone addiction.

Smartphone addiction can affect your physical health also. Spending too much time on the smartphone may lead to diseases such as Eye Problems, Stress, BP, Anxiety, etc. So it is important to limit smartphone usage. Because of this reason today I am come up with Social Fever app review. Here I will explain to you how this app helps you to limit smartphone as well as social media usage.

    Social Fever App Review

You should install Social Fever App today itself into your smartphone to track your smartphone usage. I am sure that you will really get shocked the moment when you go through the report.

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     Social Fever App Download Free

You can download this app for free from the Google Play Store. Social Fever Apk is also available on the internet. Make sure that you download an apk file from a genuine site like

    The Best App to Limit Time on Social Media

In this Social Fever App Review, let us see how this app helps you to track your social media usage. Also, let us see how this app helps you to make more productive by re-connecting to the real world.


     Features of Social Fever App

1. Set Goals

This app allows you to set App usage Goals. What does it mean? This app helps you to set time to spend on a particular app. The Social Fever app alert you if you use the app beyond that time limit. In this app, you can add or remove any app as per your wish.

Set Goals on Social Fever App

Initially set a short period and gradually decrease the time allowed for a particular app. Achieving a smaller goal helps to improve your level of confidence and also strengthen you to make more tight goals.

2. App Usage.

This allows you to track the time that you spend on a particular app. You can just add any app to App Usage monitoring list by taping on the ‘+’ sign on the left lower corner of the Social Fever App.

Add app to Social Fever App

3. App History

This app can give you a detailed report about your smartphone usage on a weekly or monthly basis. The graphical representation of this data helps you to analyze your smartphone usage trend. This will help you to understand whether you are improving are not.

From this data, you can also understand that which app is taking most of the time. Most probably the social media apps would be taking away most of your time. After realizing this, it will be easy for using this app to limit time on social media apps or any other apps.

4. Set Your Area Of Interest Using Social Fever App.

Under the “Interest” section of this time-saving app, you can set your hobbies like cycling, Swimming, Yoga, Cooking, Dancing, etc. By doing this, this app can help you find and suggest some time to engage with this hobbies. This makes you more productive which give you more self-satisfaction.

Spending time on Physical activities improve your mental and Physical health also. Using Fitness Apps like Google Fit Activity Detection you can track your physical activity intelligently.

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This gives you an opportunity to go out and meet your friends. This will improve both Physical and Socal life.

5. Ear Health and Eye Health

If you check on a pamphlet of an Ear Phone or Head Phone, you can see a warning in it. It is nothing but “Listening to high music volume for a longer period may damage hearing.” This app alerts you after 30 minutes of the continuous earphone or headphone usage. As a result, you can take a break.

Likewise, it can also alert you when you continuously use this app for a longer period. Thus, Social Fever App help you to take a break, and it helps to relax both your eye and brain.

Staring at a smartphone or computer for a longer period can cause a headache and can also damage your vision.

    Other Features of Social Fever App

  1. This is the best app to limit time on social media as well as smartphones.
  2. It allows you to manage smartphone wisely.
  3. Social Fever App helps you to maintain a healthy balance between social life and digital life.
  4. Make you more productive by encouraging Hobbies and Physical Activities.
  5. Monitor App usage and alert you in case of over usage.

     Final Words About Social Fever App

At the end of the Social Fever App review, I suggest all of you download and install this app to limit time on social media in the smartphone. It will make a revolutionary change in your social and personal life. Even though there is multiple app that tracks social media usage in the App store, this app has found to be more effective.

In a nutshell, Social fever app has all the resources to limit social media app usage and also the smartphone usage. In addition to that, a strong will and determination are also required from your side to succeed in this mission. I am pretty sure that this app can make revolutionary changes in your life by reconnecting you to the real world.