10 Best Sites Like TheWatchSeries to Watch Movies Online For Free

Are you a person who interested to watch movies online for free? Then you will be a great fan of online movies sites like TheWatchSeries, Coutchtuner, ProjectFreeTV etc. You do not need to pay anything to watch movies on these sites and this increase the popularity of these sites. If you are still looking for Thewatchseries alternatives then here is the list of best sites like TheWatchSeries to watch movies and TV Series online for free. 

Best Sites Like TheWatchSeries

All the sites discussed here in this article is a great source of movies and TV shows in different languages and genres from different countries such as USA, India, Japan, Korea, etc. We are regularly expanding this list with best online streaming sites to get you best movies streaming sites in the industry to bring your movies streaming experience to the next level. I suggest you bookmark this article about the best sites like TheWatchSeries to check later.

In addition to this most of these sites also offer websites from around the Globe. Because of this reason, the popularity of movie streaming sites is increasing every day.

There are multiple sites out there to watch movies online for free. But most of the movie streaming sites are not user-friendly due to irritating ads and redirecting ads. We have analyzed each site on the list and ranked site on the base of the best user interface and quality of the picture. 

Best Sites Like TheWatchSeries To Watch Movies Online

Now let us move into best sites like TheWatchSeries to Watch movies online free. If you find any sites in the list not streaming properly due to geo-restrictions then you can try to view the site on a proxy site or you can also try the best VPN like Express VPN.

1. Tubi

Tubi TV

In this list of best TheSmartSeries alternative, we have added Tubi TV on top because of its user-friendly interface. It is very easy to navigate through the Tubi Site. You can browse through different categories in a few taps on the menu.

Tubi TV is one of my favourite online movies sites because of multiple reasons. You will never feel that you are streaming movies on a free website. You will feel that you stream movies on Netflix or Amazon Prime. Thank you for its developers!

You do not need to create an account with stream movies on Tubi, but it would be better if you create an account on this movie streaming site. Because each time you get notified when a new content added to Tubi. Tubi TV offers this free premium movie services for free. 

Benefits of Tubi TV

  • Not so irritating ads(Minimal Ads).
  • Best in class user-friendly interface.
  • It is 100% free of cost.
  • It is the best Netflix alternative app.
  • You can access Tubi through Android and iOS app in addition to website view.
  • Tubi has over 50000 contents in their inventory and they are expanding the library on a regular base.

Tubi TV FAQs

  • Is Tubi TV legal?
    Yes, it is 100% free of cost. You do not need to pay any monthly bill. Also, it does not need an account upgrade to watch movies online.
  • Is Tubi TV is safe?
    You do not need to create an account with Tubi to watch movies and TV shows online. Like other free movie streaming sites, it also has ads but not so irritating like other free movie sites. 
  • Am I need a VPN?
    As it is a legal app you do not need to access Tubi through VPN.
  • How much data does Tubi TV use?
    It consumes more data if you stream contents in HD clarity.
  • Is Tubi TV free on Firestick?
    Yes. Tubi TV is free on Firestick, you can access all premium like contents for free on Tubi TV on Firestick.

2. PopcornFlix

PopcornFlix is another free ad-supported videos streaming website owned by Screen Media Venture. Its user interference looks simple and easy. You can navigate through different genres and categories easily without trouble. You can find new arrivals in under “New Arrival” category. 

It also has a good collection of TV shows as well. But you may not know most of these free online Movies as it does not have any paid promotion like Netflix or Amazon Prime. 

It recommends you to use PopcornFlix at least once before you renew your Netflix Subscription next month. It is not a Netflix or Amazon Prime alternative but still, it does not make you disappointed. 

Features of PopcornFlix

  • One of the best sites like TheWatchSeries to stream videos online.
  • It is 100% free. 
  • No need to create an account to stream movies and TV shows online.
  • Only limited ads.
  • Access to various movies and TV Showa from all around the world.
  • Collection of over 1500 movies and TV shows.

PopcornFlix Faq

  • Does PopcornFlix work in Canada?
    Yes. Popcorn Site is available in 10 countries like UK, USA, Ireland, etc.
  • Is PopcornFlix Safe?
    PopcornFlix argues that they do not stream any illegally downloaded contents and we also believe that it is safe to stream contents online.
  • Is PopcornFlix legal?
    According to Lifewire.com, PopFlix is a legal movie streaming site to watch full-length movies and TV shows for free.
  • How can I access PopcornFlix?You can access PopcornFlix from multiple platforms such as Roku, Amazon Firestick, Xbox 360, Xbox One, iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad.

3. Vudu

Vudu TV

Vudu is one of the best sites like TheWatchSeriess to watch movies online for free. Even though it a primarily a video renting and selling site, it also offers a lot of ad-supported free online movie streaming and TV shows as well.

Vudu is a popular free movie and video streaming site with great contents across America and Canada. You probably need an active VPN connection if you are not from any of these countries. It streams videos up to 4K quality with the latest content delivery system powered by Peer to Peer technology. By seeing its potential Retail Marketing Giant Wallmart acquired Vudu Inc in 2010. 

The user interface of Vudu TV is fantastic with attractive website design and navigation menu. Vudu is 100% safe and legal to stream movies online for free. You can stream Vudu TV on different platforms such as Android TV, Rohu Devices, Apple TV, Playstation, Xbox, etc.

Features of Vudu TV

  • It is 100% safe to stream videos on Tubi.
  • It is safe.
  • No need to use a VPN if you are in Canada or the USA.
  • It offers ads supported online movies for free.
  • Limited ads compared to other streaming sites.
  • Vudu TV offers movies in Ultra HD quality.

Tubi Faq

  • Is Tubi TV free?
    Tubi TV is basically a video renting and selling website. However, it also has a great collection of ad-supported online movies for free.  You can find free movies and TV shows easily under the “Free” category on the menu.
  • How to get rid of ads on Tubi TV?
    Free movies in Tubi TV comes with ads. You have to buy or rent in movies to get rid of ads.
  • Is Tubi TV Safe?
    Yes. Tubi TV is safe as it does not stream pirated contents online.

4. Sony Crackle


Sony Crackle is one of the best popular free legal streaming sites to watch movies and TV Shows for free. As the name suggests the Sony Crackle is owned by media giant Sony Entertainment. It has a huge collection of titles by Sony Picture Entertainment as well as other titles acquired by the Sony Pictures.

Currently, Sony Crackle is available in the USA only. If you staying outside the USA, then you most probably require an Active VPN connection to access the contents of Sony Crackle.

Also, it offers programmes in three languages such as English, Portuguese and Spanish in different platforms such as Smartphone, Xbox, Android TV etc.

Features of SonyCrackle

  • Watch free movies for free.
  • Enjoy movies in different movies in three different languages such as English, Portuguese and Spanish.
  • Best legal app to watch movies online for free.

5. Lookmovie

Look movie is another popular live movie and TV shows streaming site with HD quality videos. The Lookmovie online video streaming site is an ad-supported video streaming service. You may get irritated commercial while you browse through this movie streaming site.

But it has a very good collection of HD quality movies and videos. You probably need an active VPN service to watch videos online if you are in the geo-restricted country. 

Though the videos are supported by ads, the site is having a fantastic navigation menu with a filter which helps you to filter out movies and TV Shows based on your tastes and interests.

Features of Lookmovie

  • Fantastic User Interface.
  • It has a navigation menu with video filter.
  • It is a 100% free website to stream videos online.
  • No need to create an account enjoy movies and other videos on Lookmovie

Lookmovie Faq

  • Is Lookmovie safe? Someone asked this question on their Lookmovies Forum and they suggest them to use an active VPN while stream movies on this site.
  • How can I remove ads from Lookmovie?
    To remove ads from Lookmovie online video streaming site, you have to install an extension from Chrome Store. Please read the description well before you install Lookmovie extension into your web browser.
  • Do I need to sign up to watch movies online? You do not need to create an account to watch movies and videos on Lookmovie.

6. MoviesJoy

It is one of the best TheWatchSeries alternative site to stream movies and videos online without any irritating ads for free. Currently, this site is having over 10000 titles stored on their inventory. At any time you can stream online or download videos to watch later.

You should also know that Moviesjoy does not store any data on their sites, but its link to other third-party hosted websites or media.

Features of MoviesJoy

  • MoviesJoy is 100% free online movie and video streaming sites without any ads.
  • Simple and userfriendly website design and navigation.
  • Do not require a registration to stream videos and movies online.
  • It is available over 13 countries.
  • Moviejoy has over 10000 titles on their inventory.

MoviesJoy Faq

  • Is this site safe?
    Active VPN recommended staying safe while enjoying movies on MoviesJoy.
  • Is it free?
    Yes. It is 100% free.
  • Does it have ads?
    No. It is completely ad-free.

7. Zee5


Zee5 has a great collection of movies different Indian languages produced by Zee entertainment. You may need to subscribe to premium if you want to enjoy some movies with Zee5 movie streaming site. 

However, after a short period of time, the premium movies apparently moved to the free category. As time passes, you can stream all the contents for free with Zee5. Also, it also allows you to watch movies online without downloading it including Hindi movies for free without downloading.

As it is an India based website, you may require a VPN service to watch contents outside India. 

Features of Zee5

  • Enjoy Indian Movies and TV shows for free.
  • Simple and easy to navigate user interface.
  • You do not require an account to access free contents.
  • Watch Hindi movies online for Free.

Zee5 Faq

  • Do I have to pay to watch content?
    Zee5 has both free and paid contents. You have to pay to access paid contents in Zee5.
  • Is Zee5 available in other countries?
    Yes, Zee5 is available in over 190 countries. You have to use a VPN service if you access it from a Geo-restricted country.
  • Does Zee5 works on Chromecast?
    Yes, it works perfectly on Chromecast.

8. IMDbFreedive

IMDb Freedive

FreeDive is one of the most popular sites like TheWatchSeries to stream movies and TV shows online. It is an ad-supported free video streaming service by IMBd owned by Amazon. It has a great collection of Movies and TV shows. It also has movie reviews and ratings unlike other movie streaming sites available today.

You need to login to IMBdFreedrive using Amazon, Facebook, Google or IMBd to access the contents.

Unfortunately now IMDb Freedive is only available in the USA. You should have an active VPN service to access the contents if you are non-USA resident. 

Features of IMBdFreedive

  • Stream videos online for free.
  • Minimal ads.
  • Userfriendly web design and navigation.
  • Stream Full movies online for free.
  • IMBd also supports on Fire TV.

IMDb Freedive Faq

  • Can I watch IMDb Freedive for free?
    Yes. It offers ad-supported free movies and TV shows.
  • Is it available in countries other than India?
    Freedive is currently available in the USA only. You must have a VPN connection to access the contents if you are a non-USA resident.
  • Can I install it on Fire TV?
    Yes, you can install Freedive into Fire TV.

9. Putlockers


Putlocker is a group of online file storing sites which streams various movies and TV shows for free. It has a good collection of movies and TV shows from around the Globe. It is ranked as one of the most visited 250 sites in the world.

Because of legal issues, Putlockers domain name has changed multiple times. In 2016. The UK has banned Putlockers site due to legal issues associated with Putlockers.

Putlocker sites have a beautiful user interface with an easy navigation menu. A user can easily browse through the sites find their favourite movies and TV shows for free.

With Putlocker sites, you can even enjoy Hindi Movies online for free.

Watching movies and TV shows on Putlocker sites are not safe as it may lead you to Copyrighted contents. As you know watching Copyrighted contents is illegal.

Features of Putlockers

  • It has a huge collection of free ad-supported movies and TV shows.
  •  Beautiful and user-friendly user interface.
  • Option to select movies based on country.
  • With Putlockers, you can also enjoy Hindi Movies Online for free.

Putlockers FAQ

  • Are Putlockers sites illegal?
    Watching Pirated contents are illegal.
  • Is Putlocker site free?
    Yes. It is free. It offers ad-supported movies and TV Shows for free. But make sure that you are not watching illegal or pirated contents. Watching pirated contents are illegal in many countries including India, Canada, UK, USA, etc.

10. Archive.org

Archive.org is another authority which also has a great collection of movies and TV shows which you can watch free. It has a huge collection of short videos as well. The site has movies from around the globe from different languages such as Engish, Spanish, French, etc.

The user interface of the site is average when we consider the overall look and feel of the site. However, the navigation and the availability of a search box help a user to easily navigate through the site easily.

Features of Archive

  • Archive.org offers movies in different languages.
  • The contents are absolutely free.
  • It offers videos and TV shows for free.
  • This site also allows streaming contents on Chromecast.

11. Yify

It is another popular movie downloading sites with a great collection of movies. You can download any movies from their collection for free. When we compare Yify with Thewatchseries, it is one of the best alternatives to Thewatchseries.

The UI is very simple and attractive. The navigation menu and search bar help you to search and find any movies easily with a few taps.

12. Movie4K

Are you a great fan of 4K movies? Then you must visit this site today itself! In my opinion, Movie4K is one of the best sites like Thewatchseries in terms of user experience and collection of movies.

It also provides IMDB ratings along with the movies name. This is a great feature that other movie streaming sites rarely offers to its viewers.

UI and site design is very simple and clean. You can easily search for any movies with the help of menus and search bar.


Here is the list of the best app like TheWatchSeries site to watch movies online for. All the sites which I have mentioned on the list have a great collection of movies and TV shows you can access for free. Even though these sites allow you to stream movies and online shows for free, most of the sites are offering premium contents like in Netflix and Amazon Prime.

If you have any further thoughts on this best app like TheWatchSeris, please feel free to comment below. I also appreciate if you could share this article on your social media like Facebook or Twitter. It helps your friends to these hidden germs to watch HD quality movies online.

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