Samsung or iPhone: Which is the Best Smartphones for College Students?


Are you a college student bored with your current smartphone? Are you looking for some fresh options to change your smartphone to a latest one? Is your girlfriend or boyfriend angry and you need to order some cool gift to make them happy instantly? Today let us discuss the best smartphones for college students. This article will give you an idea about the latest smartphones on the market today. Samsung or iPhone: Which is the Best Smartphones for College Students?

We know that a student’s life, nowadays, is just unimaginable without the latest smartphone. From helping to reach any friend’s party location to help them click those super cool selfies with their friends that can fetch them popularity on social media, all that is required is a hi-tech smartphone. Here is a list of upcoming smartphones in India.

    Which are the Best Smartphones for College Students?

Are you bored of using the same smartphone for long? Does your phone no longer fascinate you as it used to do before? iPhone or Samsung, little confused? No more worry!!

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Take a look at the latest and best smartphones for college students, to help you decide which phone you should go for. We have brought all the desired information to help you choose the best smartphone and enjoy your college life. After all, your phone is your best buddy. From ordering food on those days when your mom is not at home or the times you are super busy with your project work in your hostel room, to ordering those cool T-Shirts easily, all you require is a high HD view smartphone to help you ease your life. You can sell your old samrtphone online easily today.

    What Students Look for While Buying The Latest Smartphones


Well, as a student you already do so much work which strains your eyes plus your smartphone is something you need to glaze very often during the whole day for searching your college subjects to texting your friends. So, its display should be of HD quality with proper brightness, and pixel quality should be excellent to prevent any eye strains.

Battery Life- Duration

The best smartphone for college students must have a functional battery capacity as you can not charge your smartphone every now. You may get the opportunity to recharge your battery only once in a day.  So, as a college student, you must choose a smartphone with good battery capacity. I have already discussed smartphone battery charging tips

in a previous article.


Since you are studying and you can’t afford to ask your parents, again and again, to buy you the latest smartphone but at the same time, all your friends are changing their phone because some cool smartphone has hacked the market. No worries, now you too can upgrade to the latest phone now. Because we have brought super cool hi-tech smartphones for you to choose at pocket-friendly prices.

Camera Quality:

Samsung or iPhone: Which is the Best Smartphones for College Students?

This is something most desired by students because college parties, friend’s birthday, dates or college trip, etc., whatever is the occasion or place, all you require is a high-quality camera to capture all the cherishable memories of your college life because these are the best days of your life. You are sure to catch all memories of these days because they are un-replaceable part of your life.

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From pdf’s and documents related to your studies to your essential application data, photos and cool videos which you watch in your leisure time, you have so much to store in your smart gadgets, so it’s space and RAM matters a lot. Otherwise, it may cause a hell lot of trouble for you every time in the name of No storage available, which is quite irritating.

Company’s Reputation:

The durability of the phone also matters to you being a student because you are carefree and you already have so many worries in your life. At least, your phone should be strong enough to handle it in a secure- breezy tension-free manner.

    Some Best Smartphones For College Students

iPhone, as well as Samsung phones, are a real craze among college-going students due to their excellent camera quality, battery life, cool applications available in their respective play stores.

Samsung or iPhone: Which is the Best Smartphones for College Students?

    Why does iPhone Choose As The Best Smartphone For College Students?

With so many different iPhones flooding the market they are making one of the top choices for students buying the latest smartphones because,

  • Phone –The iPhone’s phone features are robust. It includes high class and latest technology based features such as messaging, voice dialling, etc.
  • Web browsing –The iPhone offers the best, smooth, and easy to glide as well as most complete mobile browsing experience.
  • Email –Like all other hi-tech smartphones, the iPhone also has loads of robust email features and can sync with the corporate email servers too. It will help you receive those assignment emails or send your complete assignment to your teachers or upload your data on college portal with super ease.
  • Calendar/PDA –The iPhone is a personal information manager, too, with address book, calendar, weather updates, and other super cool features.
  • iPod –iPhone is a combination of super cool phone plus a classy iPod.
  • Video playback –With its so big, highly enhanced and super high-quality screen, the iPhone is an excellent choice for mobile video playback, whether using the built-in YouTube application, recording your videos, or even buying content from the iTunes Store.
  • Apps –With the availability of the iPhone App store, iPhones can now run all kinds of free or paid third-party programs, from games to social media sites and apps. These all unique and high-quality features make the iPhone one of the most useful smartphones amongst college students.
  • Cameras – One significant feature of the iPhone is the inclusion of two cameras. The camera on the back of the phone shoots 5-megapixel still images and takes 720p HD video. The user-facing camera allows Facetime video calling.

    Samsung Phones: Why College Students Choose Samsung Smartphones?

Samsung or iPhone: Which is the Best Smartphones for College Students?

These smartphones are trending among students because,

  • RAM-The Samsung Galaxy S8 has a 1.9GHz octa-core processor, and it comes with 4GB of RAM. The phone packs 64GB of internal storage that can be expanded up to 256GB with the help of a micro SD card. As far as its cameras are concerned, the Samsung Galaxy S8 contains two cameras. One of them is a 12-megapixel primary camera on the rear, and another is an 8-megapixel front shooter camera specially designed for your those pouts and your selfies.
  • Direct callYou can call a contact whose details or call log, message are opened currently on the screen by bringing the device close to your ear
  • Smart alertYour device can vibrate when you pick it up, and there is any missed call or message
  • MuteYou can make silent the incoming call or alarm by placing your hand on the screen or putting the device face down
  • Capturing Pictures using Palm swipe: You can catch the screenshots by just swiping the edge of your hand across the screen from side to side, and your best quality screenshots will be ready. So easy right.
  • Battery-The Samsung Galaxy S8 runs Android 7.0is supported by a 3000mAh non-removable battery. It has a perimeter of about 148.90 x 68.10 x 8.00 (height x width x thickness) which approximately weighs about 155.00 grams.
  • Slots-The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a single SIM (GSM) smartphone. Connectivity options include connecting with the GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, 3G, and 4G.
  • Sensors-Sensors in this Samsung phone includes Compass, Proximity sensor, Magnetometer Accelerometer, Gyroscope as well as the Ambient light sensors.

    Statistical data, based on the survey done on college going students both in U.S. and CANADA

Firstly let us discuss the data for the best smartphones for college students in Canada.


Sl.NoSmartphonePercentage of Student UsersPrize
1iPhone 6 S10.4%$699
2iPhone 79.19%$699
3iPhone SE6.95%$699
4Samsung Galaxy S75.84%$749
5iPhone 7 Plus4.29%$699
6iPhone 5S3.50%$599
7Samsung Galaxy A 53.39%$750
8Samsung Galaxy S 83.37%$750
9iPhone 6 S Plus2.82%$699
10iPhone 69.47%$599

From the chart, it is clear that the 10.4% of  Canadian Students use iPhone 6S and the second place is also for another iPhone brand, iPhone 6, with 9.47%.

The U.S.A

Now let us look into the data to see the best smartphones for college students in the USA.

Sl. NoSmartphonePercentage of UsePrize
1iPhone 711.52%$699
2iPhone 7 Plus9.78%$699
3iPhone 6S7.88%$699
4iPhone 66.52%$699
5iPhone 6 S Plus4.11%$699
6iPhone 8 Plus4.33%$750
7iPhone X3.80%$754.99
8iPhone SE3.68%$699
9Samsung Galaxy S83.13%$750
10iPhone 82.97%$699

Data courtesy: DeviceAtlas

Here are all the details about the best smartphones for college students. Being a college student what all you require on your smartphone, we have taken care of all that at our best. Just surf your requirements and based on that scroll our detailed list and order your new smartphone today only. Hurry up! Grab your favourite phone amongst the list of the latest smartphone and live your life to the fullest. After all, these are best days or rather golden days of your life. Well featured smartphones could add more brightness and charm to your college life.


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