Quick Tips For Android System Battery Drain Fix?


A smartphone become smart when it has a long-lasting battery life. Latest Smartphones like Oppo Find X, Vivo Nex, etc. have powerful batteries to last for a full day. Here let us discuss Android system battery drain Fix especially during a journey. Because during a trip you may not have access to a point to charge the smartphone. Because you required a smartphone to locate an address or book a taxi once you reach the destination. These simple tips help you to save battery power on Android Devices.

Quick Tips to Fix Android System Battery Drain?
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Even though we have a high mAh battery on our Android Device, most of the time the battery drain so fast because of multiple reasons. It causes serious inconvenience especially while you travel or in an emergency situation.

Here I am come up with a few useful tips for Android System Battery Drain Fix.

    Quick Working Tips to Fix Android System Battery Drain?

Multiple apps to fix android battery drain is available in the Google Play Store. Such a battery saving app can save battery power on Android Devices to some extent by adjusting settings of the smartphone. Here let us discuss how to fix Android System Battery Drain with simple tricks.

1. Decrease The Brightness of The Display

Do not wait for battery power to reach 20% or below to decrease the brightness of the smartphone display. Reduce the display brightness to save Android Device battery power.

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In addition to that,  the increased brightness level can cause serious health issues such as eye irritation, headache, etc.

2. Use a Decreased Auto Display Time Out

Increasing display timeout time rises the Android System Battery Drain. So choosing 10 sec or 15sec as auto screen off time helps to increases the cell phone battery life considerably.

Decrease brightness to increase battery life

3. Turn off Location Services

Turn off the location service in the smartphone to prevent Android System Battery Drain Issue. So turn on location tracking services only whenever it is necessary. 

4. Turn off WiFi, Bluetooth and Data Connection.

If you turn off connectivity services such as WiFi, Bluetooth or Data Connection, it also helps to decreases Android System Battery Drain. In Addition to that always use WiFi, if available, over mobile data as mobile data services increase the Android Device battery Drain.

5. Stop Using Live and Bright Wallpapers.

During a journey avoid using live wallpapers and bright wallpaper as it consumes more battery power. Live wallpapers are an android battery killer. I recommend not to use live or bright wallpapers during a long journey.

6. Reboot Smartphone

Rebooting helps to restrict background apps on the Android Devices. If you see the battery usage in the settings(Settings=> Battery=>Battery Usage), you can see the percentage of power used by different apps.

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Rebooting also helps to fix multiple issues on the smartphone like Google Play Store Server error, hanging problems, etc.

7. Uninstall Unwanted Apps

Uninstall rarely using apps help you to save battery power on Android Devices.  Uninstall preinstalled apps also from the smartphone. But few of these cannot be uninstalled from the devices. In that case, you can force close such apps in the settings. See the steps below to force close the preinstalled apps in the Android Devices.

Settings=>App Management=>App ( Choose the Desired App)=> Force Close.

8. Switch Off The Phone While During Travelling

Switch off the smartphone or turn on flight mode during a long journey can decrease android battery drainage as more power get consumed due to fluctuation in the telecom network. If you are using a dual sim smartphone, enable only one sim card to save more battery.

9. Reduce the Number of Calls

Instead of calling a friend use text message services to prevent Android System Battery Drain. This is one of the most recommended Android system battery drain fix for both Android and iPhone.

10. Enable Battery Saver.

Most of the latest smartphones come with battery saver option. By enabling this option, we can restrict background options and many other unwanted power draining functions on the smartphone. In addition to that, many power saving apps are available in the Google Play Store. 

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Installing such apps help us to optimize the smartphone in a single click by closing the previously opened apps and other background apps.

In a nutshell, the above mentioned Android System Battery Drain Fix help you to boost your Android System Battery Life. Also, use manufacturer recommended batteries and chargers for prolonged life of the smartphone batteries.