Malayalam WhatsApp Stickers: How to Add Malayalam Stickers To WhatsApp?


As soon as WhatsApp has announced that it will support third-party WhatsApp stickers, Malayalam WhatsApp Stickers have become trendy among Malayalees especially among ” Pravasees”. Using this feature you can now send cool stickers to your friends and relatives so that you can express your feelings more effectively than before. To get this feature, you need to update your WhatsApp to the latest version of WhatsApp. However, some WhatsApp Mods like Fouad WhatsApp supports regional WhatsApp Stickers. Malayalam WhatsApp Stickers: How to Add Malayalam Stickers To WhatsApp?

     How to Add Malayalam WhatsApp Stickers to WhatsApp?

Now let us see how to add Malayalam WhatsApp stickers to your WhatsApp on Android in a few simple steps. Follow the steps carefully to enable it into your WhatsApp as well.

    1. Update WhatsApp to Latest Version

Malayalam WhatsApp stickers and other regional WhatsApp Stickers are released officially now.

Early this feature was available only on WhatsApp Beta. Now you can download or update to latest version from Google Play Store.

So the first step for adding regional WhatsApp or Malayalam WhatsApp Stickers is to update to latest version of  WhatsApp.

    2. Download Malayalam WhatsApp Sticker App

After updating the WhatsApp beta version you have to download WhatsApp Stickers from the Google Play Store. Even though there are multiple version Malalayalam WhatsApp Sticker Apps are available in the Google Play Store, I recommend you to download Malayalam Stickers WAStickersApp from Google Play Store. 

Malayalam Stickers
Malayalam Stickers
Developer: ZeroBulb
Price: Free
  • Malayalam Stickers Screenshot
  • Malayalam Stickers Screenshot

This is one of the best WhatsApp Malayalam Sticker App available today. Ads may be a little bit irritating but you can use any of the best Ad Blockers for Android App.

    3. Add Malayal WhatsApp Stickers to WhatsApp

Now you have to open the WhatsApp Malayalam Sticker App and add the desired WhatsApp sticker by taping on the “+” symbol on the right-hand side of each emoji package.

You can also add the Malayalam WhatsApp Stickers by taping on the “Add to WhatsApp” which you can see after opening each sticker package.

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Now you are ready with Malayalam WhatsApp Stickers and you can send  Malayalam stickers to any of your friends.

You can find the new WhatsApp Stickers under the emojis. See the image below for more clarification.Malayalam WhatsApp Stickers

As you tap on the icon inside the red circle you can see the Malayalam WhatsApp Stickers which you have already added using the Malayalam WhatsApp Sticker App. See the image below.Malayalam WhatsApp Stickers

Here you can see only three packages because I have added only three Malayalam WhatsApp stickers only. You can add a few more Malayalam Stickers as per your wish.

You can also see previously sent Whatsapp stickers under the history. See the image.Malayalam WhatsApp Stickers2

So next time it will be easy for you to access the WhatsApp Stickers which you sent frequently.

I think this Guide on how to add Malayalam WhatsApp Stickers o WhatsApp was useful for you. In case you require more clarification you can comment below.