Everything You Must Know About Google Fit Activity Detection App


Nowadays everything is done through the app from booking a Taxi to ordering a meal. As per App Anie data, the app store is making 6 Billion in revenue per year. Now we have Apps to monitor our physical activity too. The Google Fit Activity Detection App is one of the best Android fitness apps to monitor different physical activities like walking, running, cycling or biking. Latest Android Smartphones and upcoming smartphones 

come with preinstalled Google Fit Activity Detection App. You can synchronize this app with android wearables and other fitness appsGoogle Fit Activity Detection App too. If it is not preinstalled on the smartphone, you can easily install this App directly from Playstore for free. At the time of writing this article, Google Fit App has more than 10,000,000+ downloads and 3.9 rating and it is increasing in the Google Play Store. The Google Algorithm of this app uses smartphone sensors to monitor the activities.

    How Google Fit Activity Detection App Works?

Once it installed on your device, you need to accept the terms and conditions of the app first. Like any other activity monitoring apps, in this app also you need to fill the necessary details such as your height, weight, and sex. Because Google Fit uses this data to calculate the number of calories that you burn. It can also use to monitor continuous heart rate monitoring along with another Android App.

    Set Your Goals

The next step is to set up a goal to kick-start your fitness plan. Setting up a goal helps you to stay active and motivated to achieve your fitness goals. Initially, you can set smaller targets and then you can gradually increase to a higher target. For example, you can set up 4000 or 5000 steps initially as it can achieve quickly. Once you complete the goal, the Google Fit Activity Detection app notify you on the notification bar.

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Let us see how to set personalized goals as per your level of fitness. You can set your goals by just going to the Menu =>Settings=>Daily Goals. You can set new goals as you achieve the goals. Achieving smaller goals may increase your level of confidence and motivation. How Google Fit Activity Detection App Works?q

By clicking on the three dots under “Your Goal,” you can select your personalized goals as per your level of fitness.

    Set Your Activity

In addition to setting goals, in Google Fit Activity Detection App you can add and monitor up to 101 activities like Swimming, Aerobics, Badminton, Football, etc. under ” Add Activity” option with the help of a drop-down menu.

Google Fit Activity Detection App

    How To Check Workout Data On Google Fit Activity Detection App

Using the Google Fit app, you can view and access your fitness data from your latest Android device and Google Fit Official Website

+at any time. By clicking on the “See Graphic Details” at the bottom corner of the Google Fit App you can see the graphical details of your activity. This graphical representation helps you to compare the detailed data datewise or month wise. It can help you to find out on which day you were more active and less active.

    How To Delete Data On Google Fit App

You can also delete your workout data from the Google Fit Activity Detection app by just clicking on Delete stats at the settings. This action will remove the entire data from the Google Fit Application server.

Google Fit Android application is preinstalled on all Android Wear you can access it from its official website.


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