How To Join Whatsapp Group for Knowledge Using WhatsApp Link


Whatsapp is adding many features since it launched. Whatsapp recently added many features such as Status Feature, ‘Delete send message’ feature, Swipe to replay, etc. In this post, you’ll get the definitive guide to Join Whatsapp Group for Knowledge Using WhatsApp group link. I’ll also give you a complete guide about how to share Whatsapp group link. So, read this post carefully to know about all the steps about How to Join Whatsapp Group for Knowledge also how to Share Whatsapp group links.Join Whatsapp Group for Knowledge Using WhatsApp Link

Whatsapp has been the most popular messaging application for Android devices. It is available for both Android & iOS users. Being free and having a ton of features, Whatsapp has been very popular worldwide. As a result, many developers have already developed many Whatsapp Mods like GBWhatsapp, Fouad Whatsapp, and FMWhatsapp.

One of the prime features of Whatsapp is its group features. You can create and join groups on Whatsapp where many people can talk to each other at the same time.

Whatsapp group usually made for communities like Old school friends, Family groups, etc. However, if you’re using Whatsapp for so many long time, you must already know about the Whatsapp group. But did you know that rather than adding to a Whatsapp group, you can send invitation links to your friends to join Whatsapp Group for knowledge? Yes, this is one of the best features Whatsapp has introduced.

    How To Join Whatsapp Group for Knowledge Using WhatsApp Link

You can easily create group invitation link and send via message or email to the peoples whom you want to add to a Whatsapp group. But, to create the invitation link, you’ve to be the admin of the group. If you are not, tell your group admin to share the link with you so that you can add as many people you want until the group full. You can add an unlimited person with a single Whatsapp group invitation link until the admin revokes the link.

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Recently Whatsapp has increased the group limit from 100 to 256. In the future, they may further increase this limit. If you’re an Admin of a Whatsapp group, then you can follow the below steps to generate an invite link of your Whatsapp group to add participants.

  1. Open your Whatsapp Group(You Must be the Group Admin).
  2. Tap on the name of the group.
  3. Now, scroll down to the participant section.
  4. You’ll see ‘Invite via Link’ option, click on that.Whatsapp Group Link
  5. It’ll show you the group invite link. You can share the link via Whatsapp, or you can click on ‘Share Link’ to share the link via other apps like Messaging, Email, etc.Whatsapp Group Invite
  6. If you want to remove the old link and generate a new link, then click on ‘Revoke Link’ option.
    Whatsapp Link Revoke

    How to Join a Whatsapp group via Invitation Link?

If you want to join a particular Whatsapp group, then you can ask the group admin for the invitational link. Then follow the below steps to join Whatsapp group for knowledge.
• Ask for the unique invite link to the Admin of the group. And it looks like the image below.Whatsapp Group Link
• When you found the link, click on it join.Group Joining
• It’ll open the group, and you’ll automatically add to the group. (Note: You can not join the group if the Group is already full)

    Last Words

So, guys, I hope that this post has helped you in joining a join WhatsApp group for knowledge through a Group Link. If you liked this post, just share this post with your friends and family and tell them how to create Whatsapp group link. If you have any question, express them in the comment section below.