Is it Bad to Use Your Phone While Charging? A Quick Guide

Do you have the habit of using the smartphone while charging? Is it bad to use your phone while charging a common question asked by many? The only answer to this question is “Yes, it is bad.” Never use your smartphone or any other phone while charging as it can be dangerous. Even though people know this, they are not ready to leave it at least for a moment. In this article, let us discuss why we do not use smartphones or any other gadgets while recharging.

Is it Bad to Use Your Phone While Charging

Why is it Bad to Use Your Phone While Charging? A Quick Guide

Now let us check why is it bad to use the phone while charging or when connected with a charging cable? Today most of the smartphones and other gadgets are powered by Li-ion batteries, and it is common to see people carry power banks to recharge the smartphone on the go. And most of us don’t have the time to wait until the smartphone gets fully recharged. To last the battery long, we need to take care of a few things. Read smartphone battery charging tips for longer battery life. Here let us discuss one by one, why is it bad to use your phone while charging?

1. Using Phone While Charging  Cause Overheating of Batteries

Overheating kills your smartphone battery faster. Do you know why? While charging the smartphone battery, the temperature of the battery will automatically increase. In addition to that, when we use the phone for playing games or any other activity, the temperature again rises. This overheating of the battery increases the risk of internal corrosion of the cell. As time passes, this internal corrosion can cause the short circuit inside the battery.

2. Smartphone May Explode If You Use it While Charging

As we discussed earlier, using a smartphone while charging may overheat the phone and may explode. This overheating can cause a short circuit inside the battery and it which can cause dangerous explosions. The risk again increases if you use cheap batteries which is available on the market today. They have more potential danger for short circuit and explosion.  Few such incidents have already reported in the news already; smartphone explodes while charging.

Always change to a manufacturer recommended battery if you find your cell is having a bulge or physically visible damage. These are the signs of physical harm and internal short circuit. So it is bad to use your phone while charging. Because of these reasons, you should remember next time before asking the question Is it Bad to Use Your Phone While Charging?

3. Increased Risk of Radiation Exposure

Next answer for people those who ask is it bad to use your phone while charging is that the risk of radiation exposure increases when you use a smartphone while charging, especially if you use a cheap battery. Latest smartphones do not have this issue as the power supply cut down automatically.

Using Phone While Charging Can Damage Charging Port

Using a smartphone while charging can damage your charging ports too. The continuous vigorous movement of the phone hurts the charging port. The sign of this complaint are as follows,

  1. Not charging the phone even after connecting to a charger or powerpoint.
  2. A significant delay in charging the battery.

Other Safe Battery Charging Tips

  1. Be safe; never use your cell phone while charging smartphones.
  2. If you have the habit of listening to music while charging smartphones, then use wireless headphones or earphones.
  3. Always use company recommended accessories and charges only.
  4. Do not charge your smartphone under the pillow as it decreases the ventilation. Always keep your smartphone a well-ventilated area to recharge the smartphone.
  5. Do not charge your phone overnight.
  6. Do not keep your smartphone over the bed or under the pillow while charging as it increases the risk of explosion because of no ventilation.
  7. Follow 20-80% rule while charging the smartphone for longer life. Do not let the battery to fall beyond 80% and not below 20%.

To conclude, using smartphones while charging to be avoided for your safety and also for the long life of the smartphone. Recent news about smartphone exposure should not be ignored. You can also try smartphone battery apps for longer battery life and even for smartphone battery temperature monitoring.

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