iPhone vs Android. Which is the Best Mobile Phone?


There is a race going on, what is the best mobile phone, iPhone vs Android? As there is a huge amount of phones in the market, if we categorized these phones in two fields there is iPhone and Android, and Today we will analyze on what are the pros and cons for iPhone and Android, and I will use myself as an example in it as I have used both iPhone and Android.

IPhone vs Android. Which is the Best Mobile Phone?

I am not a Fan of iPhone or android neither the hater, but I know all the strengths and weakness of both the Platforms. Let’s get straight into the rest of the article as I will share all the experiences I had regards both the platform and also from websites that compare android phone and Apple iPhone comparison also.

    iPhone vs Android. Which One is the Best Mobile Phone?

Before we start the comparison between iPhone vs Android Phones, let us dig into the pros and cons of both the iPhone and Android Smartphones.

iPhone Pros

Although I am using the android phone right now and it’s been a while now, there are a lot of areas where I think was Apple was the better choice.

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Firstly, there are a lot of people who are having old phones or old models they genuinely know the hustle of advanced software. Whenever there is new software out on the market,  the apps get themselves updated and advance although if you have an old phone.


Also, Apple provides the best in updating their old phones or old models running on iOS. But in the case of Android, there is no imagination of updating software as it has a large number of manufactures. So some are blessed on you as if you buy a Nexus as there is a software updating option, and it automatically gives you the access as well. Otherwise, there is a zero chance in android for software updation.

IPhone vs Android. Which is the Best Mobile Phone?

The second thing when we discuss iPhone vs Android is that the iPhone has the better number of apps in their App store and not just a massive amount of apps.  In addition to that, Apple also verifies the quality of the apps is the best.

I still remember the Prisma app, when it initially launched on Apple App Store, there were a massive amount of downloads because of its great features. Android users always wonder when it will come to their play store. Still, I don’t mean to say that Android doesn’t have the best mobile phone apps.

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Apple also automatically updates all your data to its Cloud services which are very helpful in case you lose your phone or sell it out. Sell your old smartphone online. 

iPhone Cons

There are very few things in iPhone where you can disagree with it is that the storage issue. This is a huge concern and maybe because of that Apple might have lost many of its customers. In this case, I will prefer android phone because even if I buy one with minimum memory, I can add an SD card in it as per my requirements. The main advantage of an Android Smartphone is that all media files and apps can be transferred and stored in an SD card. Later whenever I sell my phone, there is no stress of losing the data.  

Also, in case you bought a locked iPhone, you have to go for a jailbreak. However, sooner or later your phone will get slow, and many people say’s their phone doesn’t get updated either. Finally, when the memory is concerned, iPhone vs Android, Android smartphones stands a step ahead.

Android Pros

As there are a lot of manufacturers of Android phones, the one significant advantage is you have a whole new range of devices to choose, that fits best for you on the designing, applications, software, hardware, camera, display and much more. I am a fan for the desktop widget; it allows me an edge to go through my applications that I mostly use without any extra hustle. Also, I think that the widget design is very clean as well. Although many people don’t think it is user-friendly and also has applications on the custom front side is not digested by many, but for me I love it, and millions of Android phone users do.

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Android had now launched Airdroid and Tasker that is very helpful for many people and many workings as you can access PC through phone hustle free and same use your phone through PC. It is now undeniable and accessible for millions of people who want to email an important from pc while they are on the way and wise verse. It also allows you to send SMS with your PC without having your phone.

Tasker is also one great addition as you can into the meeting mode while you are on a meeting, to the driving mode when you are in driving, it also allows you to connect or discount phone and goes to power saving mode to stop battery drain  

when you let it. Now it has a feature that slows you to set an application to launch when you arrive at the predefined destination.

Android Cons

In Android, if we talk about the backup system they are really limited; you don’t have the full access on to it. To get this either you are supposed to find the right Android SDK depends on your phone or else root it, without rooting are left out towards the window only. Android backup is worst. Although Google allows you to have the backup services for all Google app data with other affiliated apps you cannot compare it with the iPhone’s backup system.

The last thing you can do to back up is by just connecting your phone to your PC.

Yes as I have mentioned above, Nexus allows you to have full backup of your phone and also came in one of the best mobile phone but that one device is not the choice of millions of other Android users, but still when you want to restore your data google also ask you to connect the device with your PC.

Android Data Back up

Finally, Android allows you to get the back for messages SMS, contacts and few more data quickly, but for the other files, you have no choice rather than plugging your phone to PC.

Now we have discussed all the major pros and cons of both the iPhone and Android Smartphones. Now, you can quickly decide, iPhone vs Android, for which phone you should go for.