Real Truth About iOS 13 Expected Features and Release Date in 2 mints


Apple iOS 13 Expected Features: Apple has always been on the news for a pretty long time. It has always succeeded in luring more and more people into their product without much advertisements or campaigns. In the eve of iOS 13 release, Apple may follow the same strategy without a lot of ads or campaigns. However, a lot of rumors are spreading out as always. Based on the rumors let us discuss the Real Truth About iOS 13 Expected Features and iOS 13 Release Date.

Real Truth About iOS 13 Expected Features and Release Date

Let me be frank; I was not an iOS fan until I got to use an iOS device. In the beginning, I believed iOS devices to be overrated as I compared it with the features and specification Android OS offered. However, after the first use, I withdrew my opinion, I was the wrong iOS do come with their advantages and features.

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It was just a few months back the iOS 12 was released along with some top and latest model of iPhone’s. The iPhone XR, Xs, Xs Max, and the all-new 4th series Apple watch. However, iOS 12 does not boast anything new, according to Apple, iOS 12 focuses on enhanced performance update and clear the bug-related issues in the previous version. But, iOS 13 is expected to be different; it has been quite some time since Apple has come up with some radical changes in the iOS. The last radical change was seen in the iOS 7 and ever since then it was all about bug fixes, performance, and small enhancements.

    Real Truth About iOS 13 Expected Features and Release Date

Here is the real facts about iOS Expected Features and Release date in two minutes.

    iOS 13 Expected Release Date

If you are a person who keeps track of the iOS announcement and schedules, then you would clearly understand that Apple does follow a pattern in releasing the iOS version. To be simple, WWDC- worldwide developer’s conference is when and where the iOS versions normally announce and released for developers preview. The conference is usually held every year in June, and this is when iOS 13 could be announced and released for developers preview. Later, the update would be made available to the Apple user’s by September with the release of new iPhone models. So, let us wait till September 2019 for all new iOS 13 release date.

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     Expected Features of iOS 13 Update

Based on the leaks and rumor on the market today, iOS 13 could bring in more radical changes, iOS 13 could have the really exciting changes that could be happening after the last one which happened in 2013 with the release of iOS 7.

Mr. Mark Gurman from Bloomberg also Tweeted that the new iOS 13 release will more focus on iPads. This update may also include an updated file app for iPads.

Other features which may include in upcoming iOS update as follows,

  1. An all-new user interface
  2. A new home screen design
  3. An enhancement to core apps like mail, camera app, gallery, etc
  4. Most of the experts mention that the iOS 13 will see a revamped files app and the file sharing app.
  5. The new update would be more focused for iPads and would give a MacOS like experience
  6. Some rumors suggest that the new iOS 13 would roll out with apps that could run on both iOS and MacOS
  7. Another update could come that would increase the number of Animojis available on the platform in the messaging apps and social media apps.
  8. The iOS 13 could also come with enhanced Apple pencil support
  9. The new update will also have features like enhanced health apps, parental controls, and augmented reality features.


Apple with their iOS 13 release in September 2019 could surely impress any user. Let us wait till the release to see the major changes that would be coming.


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