A Quick Guide To Remove Device From Google Account

The foremost thing that we do soon after buying the latest Android smartphone is to add a Google account to it. Without adding a Google Account to an Android Phone, you cannot fully explore any android smartphone. Adding a Google Account to a smartphone has many advantages. It helps you to track your device or authenticate an email sign in from a new device later. But you may also require to remove the device from Google Account before you stop using it because of security purpose.

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But Google will still show the device until you remove it manually from your Google Account. It does not matter whether you sell it to someone else or smartphone gets destroyed. Remember, before selling your smartphone to someone else you have to do it as soon as possible. This is important for both of your security. Read to know how to sell your smartphone online. You must also understand that removing an Android device from Google account and removing a Google Account from Android Devices is different.

A Quick Guide on How To Remove Device From Google Account

Have you ever checked your Google account to see the connected device with Google account? If your answer is yes, then you can see a list of devices which you use or used in the past.

If you have not checked this yet, then you can check it hereI am pretty sure that under this section you can see a few devices which you are not using now. Have you ever think about how to remove these unused devices from the Google Account? Then this simple and detailed guide helps you to remove them very quickly.

1. Sign in to your Google Account

The first step to removing a device from Google Account is to sign in to “My Account Section” of Google. After signing in, you can see a list of devices under “Recently used Devices.” But this is not a list of real “Recently Used Devices” as it shows your old devices too.

2. Now Tap On Review Devices

At the bottom of recently used devices, you can see “Review Devices” option. As you click on ” Review Devices,” a new window will open, and it shows a list of devices which you used to sign in to your Google Account. See the list carefully to check and confirm the devices that you stopped using. The devices may show under this section even after a factory reset of the smartphone.

3. Tap The Device You Want to Remove

Now you have to click on the particular device icon which you want to remove from the Google Account. As you click on the icon, the device icon will enlarge with your sign in details like the browser and time. Under these details, see the image, you can see a “Remove” icon.

4. The Final Step to Remove Device From Google Account

As you click on the “Remove” button, a pop-up window will open to confirm the removal of the account. At the moment you click on the “Remove” icon on the pop-up menu, your device will permanently get removed from that particular device.

For our security, we have to sign out from a device after checking mail on a public computer. But sometimes we forget to sign out from those public computers which we used to check the mail. In this case, you can use this method to remove a device from Google account remotely.