How to Fix Android Camera Not Working Black Screen in 2019?

How to Fix Android Camera Not Working Black Screen?

The camera app is one of the most important apps in a Smartphone. Everyone wishes to capture the lovely moments into beautiful pictures to share with friends and relatives. Smartphone manufacturers around the globe are launching smartphones with great cameras to increase their business. But most of the smartphone camera app does not work, and the screen turned into black when you try to capture an image. Well, today in this article I will explain to you how to fix Android Camera Not Working Black Screen Error.

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How to Fix Android Camera Not Working Black Screen?

Follow the steps to fix the Android Camera Not Working Black Screen issue. This issue is something different from other cameras not working problems in Android devices.

1. Check the Smartphone for Any Physical Obstruction before the Lens

Check the smartphone for any physical obstructions in front of the camera. Also, check the smartphone after removing the smartphone case. Also, clean the lens with a clean, dry cloth to remove any dust or other oily substances. You should do this cleaning process frequently to take a clear picture.

2. Restart The Smartphone

If the above step not fixed the issue, restart the smartphone after clearing the cache of the smartphone. You will get the cache clearing option in the app management section of the smartphone settings. In most of the cases, clearing app cache will help you to fix Android Camera Not Working Black Screen issue.

Settings=>App Management=> Tap On Camera Icon=> Tap Clear Cache.

3. Check For a Software Update

Check for a software update and download and install an updated camera app to fix the “death of black Screen Camera.” If you are using a system camera app, you have to look for a device software update. For the third-party camera app, check-in the Google Play Store or respective app store for an updated version of the camera app.

If you still facing the issue after updating the Android Camera App, please report the problem to the developer. They will release an update after fixing the bugs which cause the Android Camera Not Working Black Screen.

4. Check For Storage Availability

Nonavailability of storage in the smartphone can be a reason for Camera App not working issue in Android and iOS devices. To fix this issue, either you have to transfer the files into an external SD card, or you have to delete a few images and videos from the smartphone. Remember to back up the data before you permanently delete the files and images.

I personally use apps like Google Images and Google Drive to back up my images and videos to save space in the smartphone. I suggest this to all of my readers. This practice not only helps me to save the space in the smartphone but also I can securely backup the data.

5. Check For Any Suspicious App

Are you facing this Android Camera Not Working Black Screen after installing an app? Check for any apps which you have recently installed in the smartphone. Some of the apps which you might have downloaded and installed from an insecure source can cause this issue. To identify any such app and uninstall it as soon as possible.
In LatestSets, we ensure the security of the apps which we offer here to download.

6. Scan the Device for a Possible Virus Attack

A virus attack can be a reason for the abnormal behaviours of your smartphone. Many people argue that smartphones do not require an Antivirus App, But I recommend you to install one of the best Anti-virus app and a battery saving app into your device. This will ensure the safety and security of your smartphone.
To conclude, if you face Android Camera Not Working Black Screen, do not hesitate to do any of this fix to resolve the issue. I think this article was helpful for you in fixing Android Camera issue with your smartphone.

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