Google Fit Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring By Heart Trace 2 App


Google Fit Activity Detection App is one of the most popular Android apps which helps to monitor different physical activities such as Walking, Running, Cycling, etc. Heart rate monitoring is missing here, right? Well, you need a Google Fit Compatible Android Wear and  Heart Trace 2 App for Google Fit Continuous Heart Rate monitoring. The Google Fit Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring is beneficial for Cardiac Patients as they required close heart rate monitoring. Other people also require this app for continuous heart rate monitoring during their daily exercise. Google Fit Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring By Heart Trace 2 App

    Google Fit Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring By Heart Trace 2 App

In addition to these two apps, you also required to have an Android Wear with a good heart rate sensor. The Heart Trace 2 App monitor your heart rate on regular intervals with the help of an Android Wear. To sync the heart rate, you need to connect Heart Trace 2 with Google Fit Activity Detection App.

    Link Heart Trace 2 App with Google Fit App

You can securely download Heart Trace 2 App from the Google Play Store. Do not confuse Google Trace 2 App with another app named Heart Trace. You can download the app directly from Google Play Store from here.

Heart Trace 2
Heart Trace 2
Price: Free+
  • Heart Trace 2 Screenshot
  • Heart Trace 2 Screenshot
. See the article in case you face any Google Play Store Error while downloading the app from the Google Play Store. 

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After installing the app, you have to grant the permission to the app to access the “Body Sensors” of the device. All the Fitness app including Google Fit Activity Detection app uses the device body sensor to sense activity. You can download Google Fit Apk and install it into your device very quickly. Google Fit app is also available in Google Play Store.

After downloading the app, at the settings, you can link both the apps together. Remember to choose the same email ID which you have used to register with Google Fit App. Now the App will automatically sync the data with Google Fit App. Later you can download the data in CSV format easily. You can also set the sync interval as per your convenience at the App Settings. See the below image for more clarification.

Link Heart Trace 2 App with Google Fit App

Google Fit Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring can save the life of the many alerting any irregularities in the heart rate. It can also monitor your heart rate during a workout section. But the accuracy of the heart rate entirely depended on the quality of your Android Wear Device Sensors. So remember to choose the best Android Wear for more accurate activity detection. We have already discussed the features of Google Fit Activity Detection app in a previous article. Now let us have a look into the features of Heart Trace 2 App.

    Heart Trace 2 App Features Explained

  1. It is free to download and use.
  2. Ads Free Fitness App.
  3. Herat Trace Automatically Trace Heart rate with the help of a compatible Android Wear.
  4. You can view the data daily or monthly basis. It is beneficial for patients.
  5. Data can be downloaded and can also be shared in CSV format.
  6. In Sports mode, the app continuously monitors the heart rate.
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You can also participate Herat Trace 2 Beta testing programme

by joining to their community. Using this app, Google Fit Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring can be made more simple and effective. However, the developers say that the app is for just personnel just personnel activity monitoring and does not replace any professional medical pieces of equipment for diagnosis and treatment. Contact your Doctor in case you feel any uneasiness or discomfort as soon as possible.