Google Fit Apk Download Latest in 2019


Today let us discuss the Google Fit Apk Download for Android Devices. This a most popular Android app that helps you to monitor different fitness activities with ease. Lifestyle changes and lack of physical exercise are the common cause of many diseases like BP, Diabetes, etc. Most of these diseases can be treated with regular exercise and physical activities like walking, running, swimming, Yoga, etc.

Google Fit Apk Download Latest in 2018

The Google Fit Activity Detection App

can monitor all your physical activities such as walking, running, swimming, etc. and it can also tell how much calories you burned daily. Google Fit App uses the sensors of your phone and other necessary details such as height, weight, Age, and Sex to track the physical activity.

Google Fit Supports almost all latest Android smartphones and wearables. It can also sync data with nearly 75 different Android Apps. However, as of now, Google Fit Activity App does not support Fitbit Wearables. See for the top 10 most popular android app  Google Fit Compatible Apps.

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Before we discuss Google Fit Apk download, let us discuss why it is the most trusted fitness app compared to others fitness apps. Well, Google Fit work together with WHO(World Health Organisation) to develop an activity goal based on WHO recommendations which shown to improve health.

WHO recommended activity goals to improve health.

    Google Fit Apk Download Latest in 2018

Use the link below for Google Fit Apk download 

latest version in 2018. Once you download the Google Fit Apk file, you have to make few changes in the Android Smartphone to install the app.

    How To Install Google Fit Apk Download File

To install Google Fit Apk file, you need a smartphone with Android 4.0 or above. Now, let us see how to install an apk file into the smartphone.  You can follow these steps to install not only the Google Fit Apk file but also any apk file into a smartphone.

  1. Go to the settings.
  2. Then “Additional Security.”
  3. Now Click on “Security and Privacy”
  4. As tap on ” Security and Privacy,” a new window will open.
  5. Enable Unknown Source Application there to install any apk file into your smartphone

For more clarification see the video to install apk file into the Android Device. For security reason, after installing the apk file turn off “Unknown Source App.”

I think this video helps you to install the apk file into the smartphone. 

. Remember to change the settings to previous settings once you install the app. Otherwise, your smartphone security may get compromised. If you have an antivirus installed on your smartphone, it will remind you to revoke the permission.

After installing the Goole Fit Apk into your smartphone, you have to set up the app to track your fitness activities. During profile set up, the app will ask you to fill a few data such as your Age, Sex, Height, and Weight. This data are essential to calculate the number of calories that you burn during each work out section.

Once you set up your profile, you are all set to monitor your every activity. You can even set the Goals to be achieved, and this keeps you inspired and motivated.

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Using this app, you can challenge your friends or the other members of the community by sharing your achievements. In addition to that, Google Fit App supports most of the wearables and smartphones. However, it does not support Fitbit Devices as of now. Let us hope that this will change soon.

I am pretty sure that this app can make significant positive changes in your exercise and other physical activities.

Before starting any physical exercise, you must consult a Doctor to avoid any unfavorable events.