FMWhatsapp Download Latest Version Apk for Android

FMWhatsapp is one of the most popular WhatsApp Mods available today. Today I come up with FMWhatsApp Download Latest version Apk for Android which you really love more than the real Whatsapp Which is available in the Google Play Store. Because the FMWhatsApp is a modded version of WhatsApp which come with a lot more features than the official WhatsApp. Here let us discuss FM Whatsapp mods download and installation into an Android Smartphone. Using FM WhatsApp, you can forward WhatsApp messages without a Forward label.

FMWhatsapp Download Latest Version Apk for Android
Like real WhatsApp, you can not download this modified WhatsApp from the Google Play Store as it is a third party modified WhatsApp. But it does not mean that this is not good. Fm WhatsApp is one of the best, secure and reliable WhatsApp Mods with an anti-ban feature.

FMWhatsapp Download Latest Version Apk for Android

As I said earlier in this article, you can not download FM WhatsApp from Google Play Store as it is not available in the Google Play Store. So you have to download it as an apk file called FMWhatsApp Apk. We have already discussed how to download and install Fouad WhatsApp Apk in a previous article.

FM WhatsApp Mod Apk comes with two versions, one with emojis and another one without emojis. Even though you can download any of these WhatsApp mods, we recommend you FMWhatsApp Download Latest Version Apk with emojis for a better messaging experience.  Use the link below to download FM WhatsApp Latest version Apk.


Now let us Look into the features of FM WhatsApp.

FM WhatsApp Features

Here let us discuss the features of FMWhatsapp Download Latest Version Apk for Android. This modified version of WhatsApp offers you fantastic features which the real WhatsApp does not offers.

1. Regular Updates Like Official WhatsApp

An app becomes popular when the developers offer regular updates to fix bugs and ensure more security. Like official WhatsApp, FMWhatsapp also provides regular updates by its developers, Fouad Developers.

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As a feature release on Official WhatsApp beta version, most of the time this feature will be already available on official Whatsapp. Latest official WhatsApp updates on Custom WhatsApp Stickers like regional WhatsApp is an excellent example of this. Before the official release of custom Whatsapp Stickers, it was available on the modifies WhatsApp like FM WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp, Fouad WhatsApp, etc. So FM Whatsapp mods download will give you new and exciting user experience.

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For the regular update you can check on “Three dots on the upper corner=>Fouad WhatsAPp=>Updates=>Check For Updates.
Or even you can visit this page on for  FMWhatsapp Download Latest Version Apk for Android.

2. Privacy Features of FMWhatsApp.

  • Anti Delete Message Feature: As in official WhatsApp, the sender can not delete the message for you. That is, even after the sender “delete the message for all” you can see the deleted messages.
  • Hide View Status From All: This modified version of FM WhatsApp allows you to hide the last seen status from all so that you can read the messages anonymously.
  • Show Blue Tick After Replay:  The sender will see the blue tick only after sending a replay by you to the sender. So that you can read a WhatsApp message anonymously.

3. App Lock

Official WhatsApp does not have any security features like app lock. If you want to lock official WhatsApp, you required to download and install other third-party apps. On the other hand, FM WhatsApp comes with an inbuilt app lock. With the help of this inbuilt app lock, you can lock the app or private chats. You can choose a pattern, PIN or fingerprint sensor.

4. Call Filter

Call filter is one of the great features of FMWhatsapp Download Latest Version Apk. This helps you to filter calls from strangers and other random numbers.

5. FM WhatsApp Media Sharing Feature

FM WhatsApp has a fantastic media sharing feature that you really love. Compared to Official WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp is filled with a lot of features. Let us have a little comparison over here.
Media sharing has a restriction in Official WhatsApp. As you know, official WhatsApp allows you to share media upto16MB only. Because of this reason, with official WhatsApp, you can not share media files beyond that limit.

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On the other hand, the FMWhatsApp allows you to sent media files up to 700MB. It also allows you to send different types of files such as Video, Audio, APK, RAR, PDF, etc.
FM WhatsApp mods also offer lot more features, including amazing themes and personalised group settings. With FM WhatApp themes, you can change the look and feel of the FM WhatsApp Mods.

6. Forward WhatsApp Messages Without a Forward Label

When we receive a forward message, we can see a “Forward” tag on the top of that message. Is it possible to forward a WhatsApp message? Yes! It is possible to forward a WhatsApp message without a forward tag on it with FM WhatsApp.
To forward a WhatsApp message without a Forward tag, you need to forward a message without Forwarding tag in the settings. You can find this at,

  1. Fouad Mods.
  2. Privacy.
  3. Enable ” Disable Forward”.

That is it! After making this change, you can forward any messages without a forward tag on it.

Risk of Using FMWhatsApp 

1. Risk for Ban

After the recent WhatsApp update, WhatsApp starts to ban WhatsApp Mod users. So WhatsApp Mods should be used with care as they may ban your number at any time.

2. WhatsApp Mods are not Safe.

WhatsApp mods are not as safe as traditional WhatsApp mods as they use do not use secure servers. Your chat details might be visible to the third person.

How To Install FMWhatsapp Download Latest Version Apk

Download FMWhatsApp latest version apk from the above link. Bookmark this page on for FM WhatsApp latest version apk download in future.

This video will help you in FM Whatsapp mods download and installation into an Android Smartphone.

Download Latest Version of FMWhatsapp today to enjoy the great features which the official WhatsApp does not have. Remember to get a data back up before you shift from official WhatsApp to FM WhatsApp.