Fix Unfortunately Gallery Has Stopped Issue In Android Today


Fix Unfortunately Gallery Has Stopped Issue In Android Today

How embarrassing it is if your gallery app crashes when you try to open a selfie and other lovely images on your smartphone gallery. How to fix this issue?

Just like any other errors in Android, Unfortunately gallery has stopped another common error among Android Apps.  But you do not need to worry as Unfortunately gallery has stopped issue can be fixed very easily.Fix Unfortunately Gallery Has Stopped Issue There are multiple ways to fix Gallary crashing error in Android. In this guide, I will explain you each method in details about how to fix Unfortunately Gallery Has Stopped issue on Android Devices.

     Why Unfortunately Gallery Has Stopped Issue Occurs?

There are multiple reasons for the gallery has stopped problem on Android Phone. The best solution is to solve the cause to get rid of this issue.

1. Non-Availability of Space in Phone

Check the availability of space on your mobile phone. If the phone is out of memory, release some memory by transferring a few files to external SD card or any other online storage app such as Google Drive, or One Drive, etc.

You can also free up memory by deleting the unused app on your device. It not only help you to release phone memory but also help to decrease Android Phone battery drain issue.

2. Check Micro SD Card on Your Mobile Phone

A damages SD can cause unfortunately gallery has stopped issue in Android. You can solve this issue until you fix the issue associated with the micro SD card.

Most of the time formatting the SD card may fix the issue. But remember that formatting SD card will delete all the data on it. But you have to do this if there is no other choice to fix the problem.

You have to get a new Micro SD card if the formatting also fails to solve the problem. Always remember to purchase the best SD cards for maximum performance.

Today most of the smartphone supports memory card up to 256GB. However, you must check your smartphone specification before you purchase the best micro SD card for Android Phone.

SanDisk 64GB Class, 10 microSDXC Memory Card, is one of the best choices for the best performance.

Above link is my Amazon Affiliate link of SanDisk Micro SD card that I purchased a few months back and it is performing well.

    How to Fix Unfortunately Gallery Has Stopped Issue In Android Devices

Follow the below explained steps to fix Android Gallery App issue on your smartphone. This will work almost all smartphones. Please take a data backup before you go ahead with the following tips.

     1. Restart the Device

Just do a simple reboot (Restart) in case you face any issues in the Android Smartphone. A simple restart can fix most of the Android Phone related issues such as the Android Camera App Not working, Unfortunately, contact has stopped, or

the Android Browser app has stopped functioning, etc.

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Ideally, you should wait for at least 30 sec to switch on the device after switching off the smartphone. After restarting the device, check for the phone. If the problem still persists, then move to the next step.

     2. Remove and Insert SD Card Into The Device

A damaged SD Card can cause Unfortunately gallery has stopped problem on Smartphones. In case you face such issue please remove the SD card and insert it back into the device.

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If the problem is not resolved, please format the SD Card after a data back up. You can even back up the data into Google Drive or DropBox.

If the issue is associated with the SD Card, then you have to purchase a new SD Card.

     3. Clear Gallery App Cache and Data

Still, you are facing Unfortunately gallery has stopped? No need to worry! Clear app cache and data to go back to the default app settings. So clearing the data and cache fix this issue on your device.

Clearing the App Cache and Data does not delete your images. However, I recommend you to get a data back up before you go ahead with this” 

    How to Clear Gallary App Cache and Data?

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Find App Management and tap on it.
  3. Look for Gallery App and tap on it.
  4. Now Clear App Cache and Data.Unfortunately Gallery Has Stopped

     4. Factory Reset

If all the above steps fail to solve Unfortunately Gallery Has Stopped problem, then you have to go for a factory reset. Before you go ahead with a factory reset, please get a data back up as it deletes all your data.

You can find the option for Factory reset at the settings. The location of the “Factory Reset” may vary depending upon different devices.

I think this step by step guide was useful for you to fix Unfortunately Gallery Has Stopped on Android Smartphones. In case you need any further assistance to fix Gallary app issue, feel free to comment below.


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