Fix Unfortunately Browser Has Stopped Working Android in 2019

Are you stuck with the message saying that the unfortunate browser has stopped working android? So frustrating. Right? Do not worry! Today I am come up with few solutions to fix the issue browser not working on android. The tricks that I explain here have tested on different devices and have found to be useful to fix “unfortunately browser has stopped Android” issue.

unfortunately browser has stopped

Fix Unfortunately Browser Has Stopped Working Android

Follow the step by step guide to fix browser not working on android. We have tested this method on multiple devices before writing this article and found it very useful to fix Browser Has Stopped Working Android.

1. Reboot the Device To Fix Browser Not Working on Android

As I earlier explained in an article about Google Play Store Server error, a simple restart can fix most of the Android Smartphone problems. To fix unfortunately browser has stopped function issue,  you can try this method.
I recommend you to restart the device at least once a week. This can help to fix many types of problems including smartphone hanging issues, Android Battery Drain Issues, different kinds of Google Play Store Errors, etc.

Before doing anything to fix unfortunately browser has stopped the issue, please do a simple system restart.

Remember to wait for at least 60  seconds before you switch on the device again.

2. Clear the Browsing Cache and History

Most of the time browsers not working on the Android issue can be fixed by clearing the cache of the browser. You can find this option to clear the cache under the “History” section of the browser. Location may vary from browser to browser. For example, in Google Chrome Browser, tap on the three dots on the upper right-hand side of the browser.

While clearing the history, never clear the saved password on the browser as it will permanently delete all passwords saved on the browser.

3.Clear the Browser App Cache

To fix the Browser Has Stopped Working Android, clear the cache of the app. It is different from browsing cache.
Follow the steps to clear the App Cache.

  • Go to settings.
  • Tap App Management.
  • Locate the Browser and Tap on it.
  • As you tap on the Browser, a new window will open and tap on the “Clear Cache” of the app.
  • After clearing the cache of the app, just restart your smartphone.

You can try this method trick to fix Android Camera App not working issue.

4. Look For An App Update

If you are using third-party browsing apps, please look for an app update. Updated to the latest app version if an app update is available. Downloading an updated app can fix unfortunately browser has stopped the issue.
If you are using a default android browser app, please look for a system update at the settings to get rid of the browser not working on android. Upgrading to the latest software can fix your browser issue.

5. Factory Reset

You should do a factory reset to fix unfortunately browser has stopped issue if none of the above tips not worked for you. The factory reset will take back your phone into the factory settings. A factory reset will delete all the data and apps on your smartphone. So you should have to do a data backup before you do a factory reset.

6. Install a Third Party Browser

Unfortunately, if the browser not working on the Android problem is not resolved yet by doing all the above tricks, it is the time to try a third-party browsing app. A lot of best browsing apps are available for Android smartphones. You can find one easily on the Google PlayStore or any other Apk store. Apps like Googe Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc. are the best internet browsers.

I am pretty sure that these tricks will help you to fix unfortunately browser has stopped issues on your Android Smartphone.

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