YouTube Red Apk: Enjoy YouTube Without Ads on Android Free in 2019


Download YouTube Red Apk today to enjoy YouTube app in another level with many features including Ad-free user experience, background play, etc.

Hello guys, what’s up? What we are up to here is to share some important details about the YouTube Red APK, which many of you might not properly aware most importantly. You might have heard about  YouTube Red, but might not have proper information about it and how to download YouTube Red Apk. We will tell you about it and ways to download as well as install the YouTube Red APK on your devices.Download YouTube Red Apk for Android

We have already discussed many modified version of Android Apps including Netflix Mod Apk. Likewise, YouTube Red Apk is a modified version of the YouTube app with many features like YouTube Red, a premium service by YouTube. It is great. So, let’s get started with the topic.

    What is YouTube Red APK?

First of all, we will know about what a YouTube Red APK file is. YouTube Red APK is a modified version of your YouTube official app developed by the developers outside YouTube.

YouTube Red Modified App comes with many features like interesting themes, playback music for your background and most importantly ad-blocking. There will be no ads or any skip ads over your video. You can seamlessly watch your video.

What do you think, how Beneficial is the bit for you? Do you like this feature if avoiding ads?

Many might love this modified YouTube App because of its fantastic features. The reason being, YouTube sometimes saturates the channels by different ads for which different companies pay it. It annoys many of the viewers. Some so many such viewers would want their videos to run ads-free.

YouTube Red Premium Feature cost you $11.99 per month after three months of free trial. In addition to that, YouTube Red is not available in countries like India and Pakistan. You need to have a VPN connection to watch if you stay any of these Geo Restricted countries.

YouTube Premium

This is undoubtedly going to be widely used among thousands of people. The bars are raised, and a  more versatile and powerful version of YouTube is here before you. You can access all Red features for free now. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry!

    How can you Download YouTube Red APK and install in your device?

You can follow these easy and simple steps to Download YouTube Red APK and install it over different devices such as Android and PC.

To install YouTube Red Apk, you do not need to uninstall or force close the pre-installed traditional YouTube App from your device.

Modified Apps like Netflix Mod APK, Fouad WhatsApp, Jio TV App, etc., does not work along with their respective official apps. So you need to uninstall the traditional apps prior you install these apps.

Here, we will tell you how to install this both on your Android and PC.

    YouTube Red APK Download and Installation for Android devices.

As it is a modified version of YouTube, YouTube Red app is not available in the Google Play Store. However, you can download it as an APK file and install it into your Android device in a few taps.


First of all, go to the Settings of your Android and open the  Security option. You can see an option is available names Allow from Unknown Sources. If this option is off, then turn it on. This will help you to download APK files and install them over your Android device.

install Apk fileStep-2.

After that, Download YouTube Red APK for Android. Use the below link to download YouTube Red APK file.

As we do every time at LatestSets, we scanned YouTube Red Moded Apk using Kaspersky Antivirus and found that the file is safe to download.YouTube Red APK

YouTube Red Download Link 1

Download YouTube Red APK

Alternatively, you can download the YouTube Red Moded App from the Aptoide App store as well. But you need to install Aptoid App Store first. Then type YouTube Red on the search bar to download the Youtube Red App.

YouTube Red Download Link 2

Download YouTube Red APK from Aptoide App Store.

YouTube Red Apk Aptoide


Once your APK file downloaded, tap on the file to start installing the app on your device.


Wait till YouTube Red APK successful installed into your device. Now, you can check your Home screen to find the App icon attached over there.


Click on the icon to open the app. Enjoy the best features of the YouTube Red APK over your Android device for free.

     Download YouTube Red On PC

You can not block the ads on YouTube Web even with an Ad-Blocker. But you can install YouTube Red APK into a PC with the help of on an Android Emulator like Bluestacks.


Firstly, you have to install a simple tool over your Mac or Windows. It is the Bluestacks Android Emulator tool. After installing this tool from here, you can proceed to the next steps.


Now, download YouTube Red APK file from the link which is given above into your PC or Laptop. Also, you can download the app from here.


After that, Right click over the YouTube Red APK file that you have just downloaded. You will see a list of options opening up. Select ‘Open With’ from that drop-down list. Else, you can tap on the three dots just above Google Play Store icon and upload YouTube Red APK file into your PC using the emulator.upload apk file on BlueStacks


Now, you can see a list of Application suggestions for you. Select the Bluestacks Android Emulator, which you had downloaded previously.


If you are new to this BlueStacks Emulator app, then you have to create your account to login. You can use your Google account for this purpose to avoid fulfilling all credentials over again.


Once it is done, you will see installing notification over your PC. That means, your YouTube Red APK file is installing. Wait patiently till it is successfully installed.


When the successful installation is over, you can see a shortcut for YouTube Red APK is created over your Bluestacks Emulator. Click on the icon and enjoy its best features.

    What are the Features of the YouTube Red APK?

It is an excellent step for YouTube fans. This modified version can be beneficial to those innumerable users of YouTube. The YouTube Red Modified App got so many benefits and in-built features which official app does not have. We will tell you some of these great features that can turn to be useful for you. Here they are.

  1. There is no need to root your device to install this App. Initially, it was needed to root for the same. But now, no such rooting is required.
  2. There is an option for you to use either the official YouTube or this version as you can install this app along with traditional YouTube App.
  3. It will remove all ads from your video and stream your video seamlessly even without “Skip” ads.
  4. You can disable the Background play according to your wish and also enable it whenever you need. There are settings for the enabling and disabling on the App. This feature is still not available in the official YouTube App.
  5. It saves data consumption. You can play videos in areas where the network is weak.
  6. You can easily enable and disable the pop cards info on the video playback.
  7. Choose the quality of your video yourself.
  8. With the YouTube Red Modified App, you can convert YouTube into an advanced music player app.
  9. No Geo Restriction issue on YouTube Red App like official YouTube Red. Enjoy content contents from different countries without a VPN connection.
  10. Browse Videos in incognito mode.

    Draw Backs of YouTube Red App

Here let us discuss the drawbacks of the YouTube Red Mod App. As it is a modified version of YouTube, it is not official. This article is for educational purpose only, and you should download and use the app at your own risk.

Main drawbacks as follows,

  1. Unlike YouTube++ App, you can not log in to YouTube Red App even with a Micro G app.
  2. YouTube Red Apk may not be safe as it is not developed by YouTube or Google.
  3. Download option is work as you can not log in.

We hope our article made it clear for all the details linked with YouTube Red APK. If you are willing to get it installed, then follow this article and the steps mentioned here to get it done very quickly. Now enjoy great features with one tap.


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