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This era is marked as the age of technology and innovation. Since projector cannot be moved here and there and not affordable to all, we seek the more convenient option in the market. Innovators are those who capture this idea and deliver desired things within our reach through the apps. There is variety of Android Projector App which can convert your smartphone into a beautiful mobile projector.Best Projector App For Android

    Best Projector App For Android To Convert Smartphone into Projector

What you need to do is to find a suitable and Best Projector App for you to get the best experience and satisfaction. You will find such top 5 best projector app below along with secure and safe download link.

     1. Universal Projector Remote Control App

Universal Projector Remote Control App is an android based application which facilitates the institutions, organizations, and the general user. This App is designed most desirably so that all the projectors available in the industry worldwide can find in one app.

It is very much helpful for those who have multiple projectors in one place and want to operate them with a single remote.  The Universal Projector Remote Control App contains the remotes of dell projector remote control, Epson, View Sonic, LG, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Philips, Panasonic, BenQ, Sharp, Samsung, Toshiba, Sony, and so on. Even cheap projectors under $100 support this app.

This Projector App has the capacity of serving many remotes you want, and you will get the previous activity in the saved remotes option. Its google plays store rating 4.4 and users downloaded this app for 10000+times.

     2. Optoma Projection Mapper App

Optoma Projection Mapper
Optoma Projection Mapper
Developer: Reo-Tek
Price: 4,99 €+
  • Optoma Projection Mapper Screenshot
  • Optoma Projection Mapper Screenshot
Optoma projection paper, with the 4.1 rating in the google play store, facilitates the users to create unique light displays. It helps the user to beam multiples videos and images into 3D surfaces. Mapping stands because it helps to create the digital art of projection mapping. Here is the list of best app like YouTube for Android.

The Optoma Projection Paper App contains some unique features like regularly updated themed content packs, the transformation of space with the projection mapping, the experience of an intuitive interface for the users, mesh tools, adjusting colors and textures. It is designed to work in landscape orientation and requires video projector and smart device connector. The Optoma projection paper will provide the users with party or event experience at home. This app installed 1000 plus times at the time of writing this article.

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But Optoma projection paper App is not a free app like other app listed here. This best projector app for Android will cost you $4.99.

     3. Panasonic Wireless Projector App

Panasonic Wireless Projector app, brought by Panasonic, offers wide range of features and it is one of the best Projector App for Android. Its rating is 3.6 in google play store and downloaded 100000 plus times by the Android users.

The Panasonic Wireless Projector app is an application which facilitates transferring data and projection of screenshot and files like PowerPoint, Excel, PNG, and others. It also delivers a wide range of advanced features like rotating images, zooming the contents, one shot projection, the wireless projection of multiple devices with multiple live modes, the projection of captured images with the camera function, drawing freehand lines when projecting, supporting network connection which is direct and simple.

Note that to use the Panasonic Wireless Projector app, your device must have Android version 5 or more. Although it has some drawbacks, it is still one of the best projector apps that can use for a presentation at home or office.

     4. Barco projector control

Barco Projector Control
Barco Projector Control
Developer: Barco
Price: Free
  • Barco Projector Control Screenshot
  • Barco Projector Control Screenshot
Barco Projector Control App is a free Android Projector App developed for Barco projectors. It is fine and perfect, but a smartphone and projector connection with the similar Wi-Fi network is required. It helps the users to change the projectors and thus to replace the conventional remote control.

This App has a wide range of features like excellent user interface, several presenting options, the ability to take notes, controlling image presentation, controlling document presentation, supporting all types of common images, visual, documents, slides, etc.  Setting Barco Projector Control App and switching the internal projectors are very fast.

Other features are basic control that includes a lamp, shutter, and source selection, menu navigation on the projector, settings like contrast, brightness, saturation, etc. of images, test pattern selection, diagnosis of a projector, full-blown demonstration mode, efficient lens control, etc.

It is assisting the professional and general users with its wide range of features and serving as an advanced remote control application. That’s why it has a rating of 3.4+ and around 50 thousand users downloaded in the Google Play Store.

However, please note that it requires Android version of 2.3. Or higher. To setup, you need to connect your projector and smartphone or tablet with the same wireless router.

     5. Epson Iprojection App

Epson Iprojection, a spontaneous Projector App, has been installed 1000000 plus times and rated 3.5 rating. The Epson Iprojection app makes the user handy to project anything like images, videos, documents, spreadsheet, etc. using a projector with network function.

Those who have Epson projectors must use Epson iProjection App on their smartphone. Its intuitive features are like easy pairing using QR code, displaying all formats of images, displaying web pages, controlling the projector, sending files using email, Dropbox, and cloud storage, displaying users’ device home screen, connecting at best 50 devices, managing and displaying content by a feature named moderator feature, using the integrated camera, etc.

With this application, you can turn your mobile into a tool of presentation. However, for this operation, you need Wi-Fi connection. Please note that your device must be Android version 5.0 or more. Also, note that you cannot be able to view the animated and audiovisual elements using the Epson iProjection App for Android.

These are the five best projector app for Android that delivers the users with best satisfaction and sophistication level. I hope this will facilitate you. Cheers!


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