Don’t Dump Your Mobile Phone? Sell Old Mobile Online and Get Instant Cash?

Don’t Dump Your Mobile Phone? Sell Old Mobile Online and Get Instant Cash?

When it comes to Smartphone’s, there is always something great in the market to buy with new features and specifications. Perhaps that’s why all of us update our mobile phones so often. Tech companies know this very well. They roll out new features every few months to take advantage of our obsolescence.

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The average upgrade cycle for mobile phones is 24 months. This leaves us with plenty of old mobile phones. Many of us simply dump our old mobile phones, keep it around as a spare to be used during an emergency or pass it on to somebody in the family. However, getting a new smartphone doesn’t mean that your old one has become obsolete. If you don’t want to use it, you can sell old mobile online to earn some easy cash.

How To Sell Old Mobile Online

Sell old mobile online is the best thing to do once you have decided to upgrade it. But finding the best buyer is essential to selling old mobile online. You may not realise how much money you can get from your second-hand mobile phones but selling it is worth the effort. You won’t get enough cash from the single sale to cover the cost of your new mobile, but you can use the money to finance it. The money you get by selling an old phone usually depends on the model and condition of the phone. There are plenty of websites that allow users to sell their old mobile phones for cash. You can do your research to find the one that offers the best value with the least hassle.

Points To Remember Before Selling Phone Online

Apart from researching places where you can get the best value for your mobile, you can enhance the value of your mobile by taking some simple steps. Some of which are:

  1. Giving Buyers a Detailed Information

Offering detailed information about the condition of your mobile phone is always a good thing towards getting started. It will not only build the trust of buyers but will also increase your credibility as a seller for future purposes. If you ever sell your products online again for future users will be happy to buy it from you.

  1. Selling it on time

Smartphones have a very competitive market. Every day newer versions are available for sale which means that your mobile will lose its resale value with each passing day. So if you are planning to sell an old mobile phone, the wise thing is to put it online for sale as soon as possible without any delay. You will get the best value if the newer version of your Smartphone is not available in the market at the time of selling. People love buying and flaunting the latest flagship, and it can benefit you if your mobile phone is new and in good working condition. Oppo 2018 Flagship model, Oppo Find X,  already launched and starts selling of Flipkart on 3rd August 2018.

  1. Get it certified

The used smartphone market has become very huge recently. If you are thinking about selling your old mobile phone, taking some simple steps can help you increase its resale value. Getting your phone certified by a genuine service provider will assure the buyer that the mobile phone is in good working condition. These service providers check your mobile phones against a wide range of aspects that include the hardware condition, software functionality, device status, and model etc.
Getting a third party independent certification will help you get the best value for your old mobile phone. It will keep both the buyer and seller confident about the product saving both from future disappointments that can result if the product is faulty or not be working correctly.

  1. Make sure that the Phone Belongs to You

With the craze for expensive phones, many of us opt to pay for new mobile phones in easy instalments. While this may sound good at the time of buying the phone but it also means that you cannot sell your phone unless and until you have entirely paid off the balance. So before you sell your mobile phone, you will have to make sure that you have paid your instalments and the phone belongs to you. Easy payments are better for students to buy smartphones. Once you have paid the fee, you can sell it whenever you want to and trade some easy cash.

  1. Research where you can sell your Old Mobile Phone

Plenty of websites let you sell old mobile online. However, doing some research to find you where you will get the maximum value for your mobile is a good thing to know before getting started. You can also check for various services such as free pick and drop to enjoy a hassle-free selling experience.  There are so many websites where you can sell your old mobile, but which one is good to go is the main question.