CouchTuner: Everything You Must Know By LatestSets


CouchTuner is a website that provides free TV streaming and has done so since early 2010. The site started out as a .com and has since expanded to dozens of country-specific domain extensions. With an extensive collection of favorite TV shows, all hosted right on the site, CouchTuner has become a favorite place to watch TV. In the market where televisions have the complete dominance, streaming videos like CouchTuner are bringing are a significant change, and their survival is the proof.

CouchTuner: Everything You Must Know By LatestSets

Couch Tuner is a pirate website. It provides media for streaming. The site mainly focuses on delivering TV shows in a format that functions with Kodi devices. With no unnecessary information on the site but TV shows, it’s easier to surf and find the shows that you like.

    Is it Safe to use CouchTuner?

Since it is a pirate site, and all of their TV episodes appear to be illegal. It can result in legal repercussions for you depending on where you live. This article is for educational purpose only. We do not want you to watch CouchTuner. 

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In the USA, you would be most likely to be affected by the six strikes law. This law enables your Internet Service Provider to ruin your bandwidth if you are caught streaming pirated media.

In the United States and Europe, you may eventually face criminal charges or can fine for online streaming TV shows that you know are pirated. It is especially true in England, due to government-sanctioned keeping an eye on British citizens. In fact, CouchTuner has been aimed by the British government multiple times in the past.

    More about CouchTuner

None of the content is arranged by season or episode, resulting in difficult navigation. The material is usually there, but it can take some extra time to find it.

This lack of arrangement means that if you find a show by name, you will still have to sort through by hand to see the right season and episode. Also, you will have to do this each time you watch a new episode as there is no autoplay feature.

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Couch Tuner has a vast history and, for the majority of the part, they are reliable. We have noticed some instances of viruses and malware cab insert through ads on the site but, as a general norm, the actual video content is safe. If you are streaming on the website, make sure that you don’t click on ads and that you are using a quality firewall and antivirus software. Read to know more about the best ad blocking apps for Android

While browsing the site, you may see ads asking you to update your media player or to sign up to access content. These are intentionally misleading ads for malware and have nothing to do with the site, apart from the point that they make money from those ads being there. If you clicked on these ads, you would be taken to download malware (malicious software) preferably than to update your media player or register for the account. CouchTuner does not need to have an account to watch movies on the site, so do not fall for this trick.

    How to access CouchTuner freely?

CouchTuner, like other free TV or movie streaming sites or Live TV apps, is not legal. It can also pretend a risk to your computer, and streaming on the website could result in legal or fiscal repercussions. While nothing beats the satisfaction of having free and on-demand television, these websites do break the law. And that leads us to our final thought.

Odds are it’s one of the first options, but it is never recommended to anyone to use one of these websites without a VPN and doing a system clear with like Clean My PC.

Aside from taking those precautions, CouchTuner appears to be a long-running and stable source of pirated TV if you’re indulged into this.

Using a VPN to Unblock Movies and online streaming services like Netflix and Hulu offers a significant amount of content. However, these sites also limit what you can watch based on your location.

For example, if you decide to travel to another country and desire to watch your favorite show while abroad you’ll be in for an unpleasant surprise. Your favorite content may not available from the Country you are connecting.

A VPN for streaming will enable you to unblock and overcome the geo-restrictions that services like Netflix and Hulu.

On the other hand, Hulu provides Live TV access only for those in the United States but, if you don’t live in the US that doesn’t have to limit you. A VPN helps you to invade various countries where there are many servers. It can also make you seem to be connecting from the United States giving you an open the door to Hulu Live TV.

The same norm applies to Netflix and other geo-restricted contents. With a VPN you can access other Netflix libraries that are not available in your country thus expanding your viewing content. Find the best VPN for Netflix here.

    Using a VPN to View Content Safely

Digital safety is a big deal, and people with evil aims make it tremendously difficult to maintain that security.

When you attempt to access free movie sites like the ones discussed above, you put yourself more at risk.

With the notable amount of URLs shared on these websites, it’s more difficult to know if you’re accessing your favorite TV show or ticking closer to a digital hack on our identity. With so much at paling, it’s better not to take risks with your online security.

On the safety part, Couch Tuner gets a thumbs-up leaving its ads. The history of Couch Tuner depicts safe browsing while watching and clicking on videos. But be cautious when you click on the ads as those can include some malware and virus that can ruin your device. Don’t step into the trap when asked to update your media player on the site whereas there’s no relation between updating media player and watching videos on the site. That’s all for the safety.

    The Conclusion

So, now that you have a pretty good idea about Couch tuner, its repercussion of using it, legitimacy, and safety. The above aspects are the reason why people often look for the alternatives to Couch Tuner.

There’re multiple well-established and clean sites to help you out. You can visit Layerpoint and get the legal and safe alternatives to Couch Tuner which will help you to continue streaming.

    Why CouchTuner Alternatives?

CouchTuner has been a contender in the online streaming industry for almost a decade. However, there are many other options available that will keep you above the law. These options are not just legal but are more user-friendly with a broader variety of content than CouchTuner.

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No matter what alternative you decide, use a VPN for streaming to unblock and expand your content library, in this way you’ll be sure always to have a fresh episode to watch.

Finally, stay safe out there, your digital security is no laughing matter. If you’re accessing free streaming websites, be sure to use a VPN to protect your family and your data.

    Couchtuner Alternatives

1)Amazon Prime

Yes, it is a paid subscription and not free, unlike Couchtuner. But it gives its’ subscribers access to all shows and series, arranged as per their episode numbers and seasons. It is not just safe and legal but is easy to find what you are looking. With 999/year as the subscription fees, Amazon Prime video has become very popular in India.


Yes, this is also a paid one but provides more options than Amazon Prime video. Netflix hosts show from all around the world and hence has more genres and attracts people of all taste group. Netflix provides its subscribers with various subscription options.


Voot is another streaming video which presents the users with an excellent collection of shows and series and that too for free. Yes, this one is free as well as legal. However, Voot confines its shows within India only.


It is a free Site Like Couchtuner. If you want a website that enables you to enjoy TV shows, you need to take a look at Cucirca. Although Couchtuner provides movies and music, Cucirca is especially committed towards TV shows. Hence, it can regard as the best alternative available for TV show lovers.

If a specific TV show that you are looking for is not accessible on Cucirca, you need to go forward and request for it. The ones in the management will try their very best to provide you with the TV show that you are looking.

5)The Series Online 

The Series Online has grabbed a lot of attention in the recent happenings as one of the best sites like Couchtuner. It has got a robust database, and you will never get disappointed by visiting the site. Even though the name indicated that The Series Online offers only TV shows, it brings a rich collection of movies as well.

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The access to The Series Online is very comfortable. The images inserted into the site make it even more eye catchy. It is a well-organized site as well. It is reasonable for you to find registration capabilities in The Series Online, but it is not mandatory.

If you prefer to stay refreshed about the release of the latest movies and TV shows, you are prompted to go ahead and obtain the subscription of this website. Once a new movie or a TV show is renewed to the site, you will present with an instant notification over it.

6)Show Box  

Show box is initially an app for your phone and should be downloaded from their site and not on google play store or Itunes for it to function correctly.

This app is very comparable to Popcorn time except as of now it doesn’t download directly on your PCs only on your smartphones. But don’t bother you can run it on your computer with a little extra piece of software.

7)The Dare TV:

This alternative provides you with almost all TV series. We can consider this as the best means for the TV series lovers.


Although CMoviesHD is not a very popular website, it can consider a well-organized platform, which you can use without encountering any hassle.

Since there is something available for everyone, you will spend a few hours surfing through the site as well. If you are thereby taking a look at CMoviesHD, you are recommended not to use the name of it too seriously.

The website doesn’t just provide movies. You will also find fantastic TV shows on this site. Therefore, you will be able to maximize the pleasure and comfort that you can receive out of place.

The content available on the site like Couchtuner is updated on a daily basis as well. Movies and TV shows that you can enjoy through the website can be classified into a variety of genres.

They include family, comedy, crime, biography as well as action. All you need to do is to access the appropriate category and enjoy the movie or TV show you want.

9)Watch Episode

For a TV show lover, it is suggested to take a look at Watch Episode. It provides a significant number of TV shows for the people who are interested.

The TV shows that you can get consists of everything from the Game of Thrones to Walking Dead. Due to this, Watch Episode is considered as a website that has specifically been designed for the use of TV show lovers out there in the world.

It is because you will be offered classic TV shows, which date all the way back to 1960s. Due to this reason, Watch Episode can define as a website that includes TV shows for every generation.

10)Project Free TV  – Free Site Like Couchtuner

Project Free TV is a website, which provides fantastic TV shows for the interested people to experience and enjoy. It can also observe as another excellent contender in the sites like Couchtuner list, that is available for you to try out.

However, it is essential to keep in mind that the Project Free TV doesn’t offer any streaming links or content on the website.

Likewise, one can have up to many alternatives of the Couch Tuner. If you do not have leisure time to watch new movies in the theatre, you can click a link and start watching videos wherever you are free.

Caution: This article is for educational Purpose only. Neither the writer nor the does not promote watching CoutchTuner as it is a pirated Site. Neither the nor the writer will not be responsible for anything wrong happen.