7 Healthy Smartphone Battery Charging Tips

Healthy Smartphone Battery Charging Tips

Today let us discuss smartphone battery charging tips to avoid smartphone explosion and also for extended battery life. Few such incidents have reported recently. Here let us talk why smartphone batteries explode and how to prevent smartphone battery explosion. As Lithium-ion batteries power new generation smartphones, this article is also about Lithium-ion battery tips. So … Read more

How to Create Custom Sticker for WhatsApp on Android Free

How to Create Custom Sticker for WhatsApp on Android, Android Camera App Not Working, Truecaller name change, Google Play Store Server Error, Best Flight Booking Apps

WhatsApp is regularly releasing updates to increase the user experience. A recent WhatsApp update supports third-party custom Sticker For WhatsApp for both Android and iPhone. As a result, now you can convert images on your gallery into beautiful WhatsApp Stickers with minimal effort. In this article, I will explain to you how to create and … Read more

YouTube Error 410: How To Fix Error 410 YouTube Quickly

YouTube Error 410: How To Fix Error 410 YouTube

Can not watch YouTube Videos because of an error called YouTube Error 410? Are you looking for how to fix error 410 YouTube? YouTube is one of the best video streaming apps available today. It is the second largest search engine after Google. However many Android users have complained YouTube Error 410 that stop them … Read more

Easily Add Malayalam WhatsApp Stickers to WhatsApp Free 2019

Malayalam WhatsApp Stickers

As soon as WhatsApp has announced that it will support custom WhatsApp stickers, Malayalam WhatsApp Stickers have become trendy among Malayalees especially among ” Pravasees”. Using this feature, you can now send cool stickers to your friends and relatives so that you can express your feelings more effectively than before. To get this feature, you … Read more

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