8 Best Sites Like 123Movies to Watch Movies online(100% Legal)

Best Sites Like 123Movies to Watch Movies online(100% Legal)

If you spend a lot of time watching movies online, then you might be a great fan of online movie streaming sites such as 123Movies and TheWatchSeries

123Movies have thousands of visitors every day because it has a vast collection of HD quality movies and TV shows from all around the globe. In addition to that, 123 Movies offer all of its contents for free in HD quality. 

But sites like TheWatchSeries and 123Movies has some issues because of multiple problems such as server overload and Geographical restrictions. 

Here I have a list of the best 123Movies alternatives(100% working) with which you can stream unlimited movies and TV shows for free. 

Best Sites Like 123Movies To Watch Movies Online

Here is the list of best sites similar to 123Movies which you can stream movies for free. 

1. Popcornflix

Popcornflix TV

Popocornflix is one of the best sites like 123Movies to watch movies online. It offers ad-supported full-length movies, TV shows and viral videos for free on different genres such as Action, Adventure, Comedy, Horror, etc. The site has a user-friendly and simple user interface which help you quickly navigate across various genres in a few taps.

It also has a mobile app which helps you to stream your favourite movies and TV shows for free on the go. In addition to mobile apps, it also supports other popular devices such as Apple TV, Rohu, Xbox, etc.

Features of Popcornflix

  • Watch unlimited videos, TV shows and viral videos for free.
  • It has user-friendly website navigation.
  • Popcornflix is compatible with multiple platforms like Android, iOS, Rohu, etc.
  • Stream videos for free even without creating an account on the site.

2. Vumoo


Vumo is another popular sites like 123Movies which stream Movies and TV Series for free. The site has a simple design with easy navigation which increases the user experience. On top of that, this site has very minimal ads which make it one of the best alternatives to 123movies. 

Also, the site looks like Netflix with a huge collection of popular titles from different languages. If you are getting rid of monthly movie streaming bills, then you must try this site at least once.

Advantages of Vumoo

  • It has a vast collection of popular movies and TV.
  • Vumoo is a 100% free movie streaming site and it does not require any subscription or registration.
  • It is a perfect free Netflix alternative to stream popular titles.
  • Minimal ads compared to 123Movies and TheWatchSeries.
  • No frequent irritating pop-up ads.


Tubi TV

Tubi is a USA based media-on-demand streaming company with a vast collection of free movies and TV series. It is one of the best legal alternative sites to watch movies and TV shows for free. Streaming movies on Tubi TV is a give you an enjoyable viewing experience as it has minimal ads. 

Tubi TV is a perfect free alternative to Netflix in terms of design and contents. Even though it is a free streaming service, you will never feel that you enjoy videos on a free movie site. Tubi TV is 100% genuine and legal online site as it offers ads supported legal contents. 

Unlike other streaming providers, you also do not need to use a VPN service as it is a legal media streaming service. 

Features of Tubi TV

  • Best legal free alternative to Netflix, 123Movies, TheWatchSeries, etc. 
  • The best legal site to enjoy free movies online.
  • Do not require an active VPN service as it is a legal movie streaming site.
  • Fewer ads compared to 123Movies and TheWatchSeries.
  • Premium website design and user interface.

4. Sony Crackle


As the name suggests, Sony Crackle is the official movie streaming site from media giant Sony Entertainment. And it is one of the best sites like 123Movies to stream online contents legally for free. With Sony Crackle you can stream original contents of Sony Pictures for free. The Genres of Sony Crackles vary from Comedy, Action, Thrillers, etc. 

However, you need to create an account with Sony Crackle to access the contents. Since it is an official legal site, you can sign up with Sony Crackle without worry. 

Features of Sony Crackle

  • Sony Crackle is one of the best sites like TheWatchSeries to stream movies online for free.
  • It is100% free to stream movies online.
  • Since it is a legal movie streaming site, you can stream this site safely without a VPN connection.
  • Premium website design and user interface with easy navigation.
  • With Sony Crackle, you can access original Sony Entertainment contents for free.

5. YouTube

Best Sites Like TheWatchSeries to Watch Movies Online For Free

YouTube is the worlds biggest video streaming provider with millions of videos on their inventory. It offers many movies for free in every genre.

Even though YouTube continually trying to remove illegal contents from their inventory, still you can see some pirated materials on some channels. So make sure that you steam movies on trusted channels only.

If you can spend some money, you can get movies for rent from YouTube. It offers rented movies in HD quality as well. 

Features of YouTube

  • Stream free movies for free.
  • Access to movies from different platforms such as Android, iOS, Web, Android TV, and Apple TV.
  • YouTube also has a vast collection of movies in HD quality.

6. Pluto TV

Pluto TV

It is an online free movie streaming site with over 100+ channels which offers free movies and TV shows. The site has a premium look and navigation menu, which make it effortless to navigate across the website.

Pluto TV is available on various devices such as Android, iOS devices, Apple TV, Rohu, Windows, Chromecast, etc. So I am pretty sure that Pluto TV will take you to another video streaming experience for free.

You may require an active VPN connection if you are staying outside the USA.

Features of Pluto TV

  • Enjoy over 100+ channels for free.
  • Also, access contents from different platforms.
  • The site has a userfriendly and premium look and design.

7. Voot


Voot is a legal ad-supported free site available in India. In addition to Bollywood movies, it also has huge collection movies in different Indian languages which you can stream for free. 

To unlock contents in other countries, you need an active VPN connection. With a VPN, you can access even when you are outside of India.

Features of Voot

  • Enjoy free Indian movies and TV shows for free.
  • It also has a great collection of kid’s programs.
  • You can download the Voot App from Google Play Store or iOS store depending upon your mobile device for free.
  • User-friendly user interface and easy navigation make it easy to use the site.
  • It allows you to access content without registration.

8. Sony Liv

Sony LIV

Sony Liv is another popular 123Movies alternate site to watch movies and TV shows online for free. It has original materials from Sony Picture Entertainment and its other partners. 

You can stream Sony Live not only in India but also over 160 countries from around the globe. Sony Live, Sony Pix, Sony SAB, Star Sports, etc. are some of the popular channels streams on Sony Live. 

Features of Sony Liv

  • Sony Live is one of the best legal sites to watch movies and TV shows.
  • It also offers free movies and TV shows along with other premium contents.
  • Sony Liv also has some popular Sports Channels which help you stream Live Sports for free.
  • The availability of mobile app helps you to stream content on Android and iOS devices.


So these are some of the popular sites like 123Movies to stream movies and online TV shows for free. All the websites which I have mentioned here are legal alternatives to 123Movies. So that you can watch any of these channels without any tension or a VPN Connection.

I think this article on the best alternative to 123Movies helps you to stream movies and TV shows legally. Please comment below if you think I missed any other legal streaming sites on the list. 

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