Facebook Starts To Put Auto Play Video Ads Inside Messenger Soon


Soon you can see auto play video ads inside messenger when you chat with your friends. Yes, Facebook starts to put Auto Play Video Ads inside the messenger soon. We can already see image ads inside the Facebook messenger.

This new move will increase Facebook revenue as video ads are more expensive compared to other ads.

Facebook Starts To Put Auto Play Video Ads Inside Messenger Soon

    What is Auto Play Video Ads Inside Messenger?

Even though Facebook says that user experience is their top priority putting auto-play video ads inside messenger may affect the user experience. Nobody wants to see any ads between their loved ones messages.

Mr. Stefanos Loukakos from messenger ads team says that ” Top priority for us is user experience.” He also said that the already tested basic ads did not create any adverse experience in messenger users.

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Facebook Marketers get the maximum benefit from this move from Facebook. As advertisers put autoplay video ads on messenger, it enables the marketers to interact with the targeted audience very quickly. Facebook marketers can create video ads on the Facebook Business

page very easily.

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How Facebook Video Ads Help Marketers

  1. Advertisers get a new platform to display their products and services to improve their conversion rate.
  2. Moving ads such as video ads are more effective compared to existing image ads.
  3. You can create video ads merely using your mobile camera.

In a nutshell, the new move will beneficial for the advertisers and Facebook equally. Advertisers can increase their interaction with customers more efficiently. Likewise, Facebook can increase their revenue as the Facebook ads bring more revenue to them. However, on the other hand, the users will have a bitter experience as they put autoplay video ads inside messenger. Nobody wants to distract by this kind of advertisements inside messenger when they chat with friends and relatives.



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