YouTube Alternative App: App Like YouTube For Android You Must Install


YouTube is one of the most successful products from Google. As compared to the desktop version, people use YouTube App for watching their favorite videos. YouTube App has billions of downloads in every app store including Android and iOS platform. Do we really need a YouTube Alternative App? Or Why do we need an App like YouTube For Android?  Well, Let me ask you a few questions before we start with best YouTube Alternative App for Android.App Like YouTube For Android To Watch Videos Online

Even though YouTube offers many features to its users, it lacks many other important features as well.

  1. YouTube videos are not ad-free. Ads decrease the user experience.
  2. In YouTube, You are restricted to watch all the videos because of age restriction and geo restrictions.
  3. Because of copyright issues, Google does not allow you to download videos or music.
  4. As official YouTube App does not play videos on the background, you can not do multitasking when you use YouTube App.
  5. YouTube Red, the premium ad-free service is not available in countries like India unless you have an overseas VPN server.

     App Like YouTube For Android To Watch Videos Online

Here I have a list of the best app like YouTube to watch videos online. Most of these YouTube alternative apps comes with great features that the official YouTube app does not have.

Let us dig into Android YouTube App like apps. You could not find few of these apps in the Google Play Store as, I think, Google hates these apps because few of these apps allow to skip ads on YouTube and also allow download videos directly from YouTube.

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Now let us go deep into the features of each app like Youtube for android to watch videos online.

1.YouTube++ App

YouTube Plus is one of the best YouTube mod apps today. It offers a good user experience because of the features it offers.

Features of YouTube++

  1. YouTube++ Offers 100% ad-free videos.
  2. With this YouTube Alternative App, you can enjoy videos as songs in the background.
  3. Like official YouTube Plus App, you can like, comment and share videos using YouTube++ App.


2. TubeMate

TubeMate, YouTube like App for android

TubeMate is one of the most popular Androids apps which people use to watch and download videos directly from YouTube and other video streaming platforms. But you can not find this YouTube like android app in the Google play store because it does not follow Google Play Store Guidelines.


To install an apk file, you have to make a few changes in your smartphone settings. See a video about how to install an apk file into an Android phone.

Now let us see the other features of TubeMate App here.

Features of TubeMate

  1. With TubeMate, you can download videos in different formats and quality depending upon your requirements.
  2. With the help of an MP3 converter, you can convert the videos into audio files of different quality.
  3. You can download multiple videos at a time.
  4. Download speed also pretty good.

TubeMate App is available not only for Android but also it is available for iOS and Desktop.

“Warning: TubeMate Must be used for private purpose only. Commercial use is forbidden”.

3. OG YouTube App YouTube Alternative App

OG YouTube is a YouTube Moded app with unique features that the official YouTube does not have. The OG YouTube is a real YouTube Alternative App in all aspects. The only difference is that this app has a Download Button and Background button just below the video. See the image.

See the real YouTube like OG YouTube App
See the Download Button and Background Button

This App like YouTube for Android is not available in the Google Play Store as it is a modified YouTube App like WhatsApp Mods. No worry! You can Download OG YouTube Apk from the below link.


Features of OG YouTube App

  1. This is the real YouTube like app which I have ever come across.
  2. OG YouTube is 100% ads free. To block ads, you do not need to install the best adblockers for Android.
  3. The OG YouTube Allow videos play in the background as a music player.
  4. You can also download YouTube videos directly into the smartphone by taping on “Download” icon. However, this feature failed several times when we checked on our smartphones. So I am not sure whether these YouTube video downloads feature work for you or not. You have to check this feature individually on your smartphones.

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4. Vidmate: Best YouTube Alternative App

Vidmate, Best youtube like app

Vidmate is another popular Android App to enjoy thousands of videos and songs. Furthermore, it allows users to download an unlimited number of music, movies and other videos. Like OG YouTube, this app is also not available in the Google Play store.


Features of Vidmate:

  1. Using Vidmate Android App, you can download HD quality videos from more than 100s of websites including Facebook and YouTube.
  2. This YouTube Alternative app offers the unlimited number of Movies, Video, and Music files for Downloads.
  3. You can also watch your favorite TV shows using this app like YouTube App. Using this app, you can even watch the missed episodes of your favorite TV shows like coutchtuner
  4. Unlike YouTube, Vidamte has its app store from where you can download hundreds of other apps without any hassle.

5 . iTube

iTube is another YouTube alternative app for Android. This is one of the most user-friendly and popular videos streaming app among all other apps. I will tell you why,


  1. You can watch an unlimited number of YouTube videos using this app for free.
  2. It can save your internet data plan by saving videos into the app while you watch a video as a cache file. Because of this, you can watch the video next time without using your internet connection.
  3. iTube can also play videos in the background. So that, you can use any another app on your smartphone while enjoying music on iTube.
  4. iTube App never troubles you with any kinds of ads. This App like YouTube is 100% ads free.

6. YouTube Go

YouTube Go is another video streaming android app which helps you to watch download YouTube videos in a few clicks. You can download this YouTube Video download app from the Google Play Store.

YouTube Go
YouTube Go
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
  • YouTube Go Screenshot
  • YouTube Go Screenshot

Features of YouTube Go

  1. Using YouTube Go App, you can download any videos and TV shows from YouTube.
  2. This YouTube like an app allows you to save the videos either in phone memory or an external memory card as your wish.
  3. After downloading the videos, you can share the videos with your friends very quickly.

I am not giving five stars to this app, as we need to register to use this app. 

7. SnapTube

SnapTube is one of the most popular apps like YouTube for Android. As of now, this app is not available in the Google Play Store. But you can download SnapTube Apk and install into your smartphone to enjoy countless YouTube videos and music.


Features of SnapTube App.

  1. It allows you to download YouTube Video with the quality as per your wish.
  2. You don’t need a login to access the App. You only need to login in case if you want to manage your YouTube channel through this app.
  3. SnapTube app is provided with a few categories by default. So that,  you can quickly browse through different categories easily using this app.

8. NewPipe

NewPipe, App Like YouTube For Android, allows you to download videos and music from YouTube. You can download this YouTube alternative app as an apk file as it is not available in Google Play Store as, I said earlier, Google does not want people to download YouTube videos. 


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9. FloatingTube

YouTube like app to watch videos online

I like this App Like YouTube For Android to watch videos online. The Floating Tube is another best YouTube Alternative App for Android. See the fantastic features of Floating Tube Ap wonderful app. 

Features of FloatingTiube

  1. It allows you to play YouTube videos directly.
  2. This app also has a Floating video player. It allows you to watch videos when you use other apps.
  3. You can resize the floating video player with few taps.

But Floating Tube App is not ad-free.

10. HotStar

Popular Video Streaming app India


HotStar is the most popular Android app in India. This app is exactly not an App Like YouTube For Android, but it can stream more 100,000 videos in 17 languages. However, the content varies in different countries because of geo-restrictions. However, using the best VPN app for Android, you can overcome this limitation.

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By using this app, you can watch all the Sun Network Channels for free including star sports. Unfortunately, you need to get a paid subscription to watch live streaming videos. Also, by default, it supports video download to watch later, but can not share it with your friends.

Developer: Novi Digital
Price: Free
  • Hotstar Screenshot
  • Hotstar Screenshot

Features of HotStar

  1. One of the most popular video streaming app in India.
  2. You can watch live streaming TV shows(Paid Version)
  3. Using this app, you can watch Indian language  Movies, Bollywood movies, and TV different favorite TV shows on Start Network like Asianet, Start Plus, Start Bharat, Start World, Star Sports, Nat Geo, Fox Life, HBO, etc.

11. JappsTube(Movdroid)

Japps is another best video streaming app which allows you to watch videos online for free. JappsTube has a collection of more than a thousand movies and TV shows in different languages.  However, this YouTube alternative app is not available in the Google Play Store as of now. The CyberFlix TV Apk also has a collection of HD Movies and TV Shows which you can watch for free.


Features Of JappsTube(Movdroid)

  1. Allow video downloads for free.
  2. It also provides a Torrent link to a particular movie or videos.
  3. Live streaming of popular TV channels and shows are available in this app. ( Temporarily not available)

This app is not ad-free. You need an ad-free Android app to block the ads on this live video streaming app.

12. Dailymotion

Daily Motion live streaming app


The Dailymotion is not an App Like YouTube For Android. But it allows you to watch your favorite TV shows and other videos online for free.

Features of Dailymotion

  1. You can watch and follow your favorite channels and TV shows.
  2. You can download the shows and even watch later even though your when you are offline.
  3. You can create a playlist as per your taste and interest.

But without sign into the app, you can not follow a channel, or create a playlist.

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To conclude, these are the most popular youtube alternative app to watch videos online. It is worth to install any of these apps in your Android smartphone if you are crazy about watch videos online. Even though I have I have not added a link to download any of these App Like YouTube For Android; you can quickly get any of these apps apk file from the internet.


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