Airbag Like Adcase Smartphone Cover Can Protect Your Phone From Fall


Today I would like to start this article with a question. What is the first mobile phone accessory which you purchase first soon after buying a smartphone? I am pretty sure that it will be a smartphone case and a screen guard. However, is it enough to protect the smartphone from damage? The answer is No..a big No… So how can you protect our latest smartphone from damage? Well, a smartphone case called as Adcase Smartphone Cover is on the way to protect your smartphone from damage caused by a fall. In the name Ad stands for ” Active Damping”.

Adcase Smartphone Cover

    What is Adcase Smartphone Cover?

You all may have at least one smartphone with a cracked or broken screen on your shelf. Your heart may stop for a moment if your newest smartphone like Oppo Find X or iPhone drops from your hand. Replacing the display and other damaged part are enough to make a hole in your pocket. Now the worry is over.

Mr. Philip Frenzel, a German Student from Aalen University in Germany, invented a really “Smart” Smartphone Protector cover called AdCase which can protect the smartphone from damage from the fall. The concept of Adcase Smartphone Cover is same as of Airbag on a car. Unlike any other iPhone case, this Air Bag like Adcase smartphone cover has sensors which sense when the smartphone drop from your hand. As soon as the sensors detect the fall, eight spring like wings pops up from all four corners of the phone. The design of his “Smart” smartphone cover is so excellent with sensors and springs. See the demo video by Mr. Philip Frenzel for more clarification.

After a fall you can fold the wings into the adcase cover for the second fall. At this moment we don’t know more about Adcase Smartphone Cover, but Mr. Philip Frenzelhas already have a patent for his discovery and well set to launch the product and set up a beautiful official site for a smart case too.  As per the site, the product comes with a beautiful design and look.

Adcase specifications

Adcase Smart phone cover review

The upcoming “Smart” Adcase smartphone case is very thin and has a beautiful grip too. At the initial stage, this smart cover producing only for,

  1. iPhone X
  2. iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.
  3. iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus
  4. iPhone 6S and iPhone 6 S Plus
  5. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6Plus.

However, when we write Adcase review, we have few queries about Adcase smartphone case. What will happen if the deployed while the smartphone is in your pocket because of an error? Whether the springs deploy when we jump with the smartphone inside your pocket?  All these doubts need to clear before the launch of this smart product.


    • Hai Sabbirahmed, Thank you for your comment. Commercial Production of Ad case Smartphone Cover is yet to start. As they started the production I will update at it here.


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