About Us

Hai Friends how do you do? My name is Saneesh V Soman, a passionate blogger from New Delhi. I am the Founder and Editor of Latestsets.com.  I am crazy about blogging and Tech. I started LatestSets.Com to share my knowledge about Android, Tec, and Gadgets.

Today we can not imagine a single day without a smartphone, even a single hour cannot be spent without smartphones and apps.

Before we write any review article, our team do details and through research to help our readers to choose the right gadget for them. Our team continuously updating the tech knowledge for you.

As I have more than 10+ years of Experience in Health Industry, I am very passionate about the Gadgets and Apps which help us to maintain Good health. I have worked in Max Hospital Saket, New Delhi, one of the top hospitals in India, as a Senior Team Leader in Surgical and Kidney Transplant ICU.

My mission is to create a knowledge hub for people those who are curious about the latest smartphones and apps.