A Quick Guide On Smartphone Battery Charging Tips


Today let us discuss smartphone battery charging tips to avoid smartphone explosion and also for prolonged battery life. Few such incidents have reported recently.

Here let us discuss why smartphone batteries explode and how to prevent smartphone battery explosion. As Lithium-ion batteries power new generation smartphones, this article is also about Lithium-ion battery tips. So most of you may have these questions in mind like, how to charge a smartphone?

A Quick Guide On Smartphone Battery Charging Tips

A Quick Guide On Smartphone Battery Charging Tips

You must give special care to your smartphone batteries while charging to prevent battery explosion and also for prolonged battery life. Recent incidents remind us that smartphone battery explosion is a serious issue. People make serious mistakes while charging their mobile phones. Also, read other smartphone safety tips to ensure the safe usage of smartphones.

1. Use Original Chargers only to Recharge You Smartphone:

Never use cheap or duplicate mobile chargers to recharge your smartphone. Cheap mobile phone chargers not only harm your mobile battery life but also increases the risk of the explosion. Using chargers other than original chargers may deny your phone warranty.  As cheap mobile phone chargers deliver electricity in wrong voltage, it gradually damages your Lithium-ion battery.

If you check the small booklet which you get along with smartphone always instruct you to use only original chargers not recharge your mobile phones. Not only the charger, always use original mobile accessories for safety and longer smartphone life.

2. Follow 20-80% Rules Of Smartphone Charging:

What is the right time to charge a smartphone? Many experts say that charge your battery just before reaching 20%. Enabling battery percentage notification on your Smartphone may help you to identify the level of charge. And also don’t charge the mobile phone beyond 80%. Because charging above 80% or dropping charge below 20% can damage a Lithium-ion battery.

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Every smartphone battery has a charging cycle. As you complete each recharging cycle, there will be a decrease in the battery capacity. You can prevent this issue by following 20-80% battery recharging rule. Fully discharging battery before plugin should avoid as it decreases the batteries charge holding capacity.

3. Do Not Charge Your Smartphone Overnight:

Charging mobile phone overnight can damage the battery very badly even if the latest smartphone manufactures argue that charging gets disconnected soon after reaching 100%. We all have the habit of charging the mobile phone in the bedroom close to us. Charging mobile phone overnight can increase the heat, and it can be a reason for the mobile explosion during charging. So it is recommended to avoid recharging the mobile phone overnight.
Many new gen smartphones like Oppo find X,
does not take more than 30 minutes for a full recharge. So most of the time you don’t need to keep the battery to recharge for a longer period of time or overnight.
In a nutshell, the battery life of a cell phone depends on the way you recharge the phone. Following these smartphone battery recharging tips can increase your battery life for an extended period. In addition to that, always remember “safety first”. Never use your phone while charging because few incidents of smartphone explosion have reported recently during battery recharge. Next time don’t wait to turn your battery notification icon turns red to search for the charger. Next time grab your cell phone charger before it reaches 30%. Also, don’t wait to achieve 100% to remove the smartphone from the charger.


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